Fireworks Meet 2014

Fireworks Meet 2014

Join us for the final official meet of the 2014 season, with the chance to ride some of the world’s best rollercoasters in the dark, and of course, catch a magnificent fireworks display!


Friday, 7th November (optional)
5.00pm – TowersStreet group meets on the lawn at the bottom of Towers Street in the theme park for the first show at 7.00pm followed by some rides in the dark.

Saturday, 8th November (optional)
10.00am – TowersStreet group meets at the bottom of Towers Street outside the resort box office.
Please note: If you are attending on this day that the theme park usually gets very busy so arriving early is essential to ensure a good parking space

Sunday, 9th November (official meet day)
10.00am – TowersStreet group meets at the Splash Landings Hotel lobby.

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Alton Towers Resort


Although not an official part of the trip, some members stay over on the Sunday night after the fireworks, and the accommodation option for this meet is either Alton Towers Hotel or Splash Landings Hotel, which you can book either online or over the phone for annual pass discount.