Smiler (it didn’t open!) Meet 2013

So as the official date for The Smiler was announced to be Thursday 23rd May 2013, TowersStreet rallied the chomping-at-the-bit troops and organised two meets for the opening day itself, and Saturday 25th May 2013. Just 20 hours before the attraction was set to open, the devastating news was received that, in fact, The Smiler would not open…

Smiler Meet


  • 2 meet dates: Thursday 23rd May 2013 & Saturday 25th May 2013

Saturday 25th - Facebook Meet EventThursday 23rd - Facebook Meet EventThe Smiler Meet Talk Topic

Parks and Attractions

Alton Towers Resort – a full line-up of attractions (excluding The Smiler)


Not applicable – two separate one-day meets


After the event…


Other than this beautiful photograph take on the day The Smiler should have opened, there isn’t a lot else to report back on with group photos! See our future meets for more features.