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News Roundup #5 – Powers cuts, monorail & SW7!

Sunday 12 August 2012 6:36
Updated 7th July 2019

Power Cut affects park operations

A sudden power outage was affecting several areas and ride operations on Resort yesterday, Saturday 11th August.

The power cut was reported to affect both X-Sector and Dark Forest, and caused an evacuation of several rides including Th13teen and Oblivion to remove guests to safety after the rides shut down

Fortunately all guests were quickly and efficiently assisted by staff, however the power issue was thought to go on for some time, with rumour (and activity in the area) suggesting that the SW7 building site was the cause of the power cut, likely with a cable cut or strike by workmen.

All rides have now re-opened after power was restored later in the day.

Monorail seen testing & imminent reopening hopeful

Several of our members have recently reported that they have seen Monorail trains progressing around the track circuit on recent days, suggesting that the transportation is under test for a re-opening shortly.

The trains have been seen progressing around the circuit without guests after a serious incident occurred on the monorail involving the sudden stopping of a train and causing minor injuries to guests on Sunday 5th August.

The testing of the cars hopefully indicates that the monorail is now planning to re-open very shortly after guests have been left with alternative coach shuttles between the car parks and theme park.

The Resort has remained tight lipped about this latest incident, and details of the monorail incident can be read in full here on TowersStreet.

Finally… TowersStreet launches its SW7 mini-site!

We’re proud to present our first major launch of TowersStreet’s premier guide to Alton Towers, with the launch of our mini site all about the upcoming SW7 coaster due in 2013 at the Resort!

Our mini-site includes a comprehensive browsable timeline of the events and construction of the new coaster, and also regular photo updates of the site, official plans and even a video recreation by one of our users

We’ll be continually updating our mini-site with all of the latest news as soon as we get it, so don’t forget to bookmark and follow our updates at

That’s it for our latest news roundup!