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Exclusive – SW7 themed rooms for 2013

Tuesday 11 December 2012 20:21
Updated 4th July 2013

Alton Towers Resort have exclusively confirmed to TowersStreet that in addition to the 2013 new ride codenamed ‘SW7’ (Secret Weapon 7), the resort hotels will also be getting in on the action with two new themed rooms based around the new ride.

Planning documents for the ride, the theme of Scarefest maze ‘The Sanctuary’ and the mysterious Ministry of Joy featured within suggest that SW7 will resemble a dark and sinister ‘correctional facility’. The ‘smiler’ face logo and Twitter hashtag #getcorrected have featured heavily in the resort’s promotion of the new ride over the past few months. It’s presumed that the theme of the rooms will continue on from this planned theme of the rollercoaster.

The addition of the new rooms will mark a welcome return of themed accommodation for the resort’s thrill rides after more recent family focussed themes such as Ice Age, Pirates and Sonic the Hedgehog. There are currently 10 theme rooms in the Alton Towers Hotel of many different styles, along with pirate themed and new for 2012 Ice Age rooms at the Splash Landings Hotel.

Those familiar with the previous themed rooms and suites at the resort will know that this isn’t the resort’s first foray into room themes aimed at the thrill market. Previous rooms have included the Oblivion room which was rethemed in 2006, and the Nemesis room which closed in 2004 .

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