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SW7: World Beating Rollercoaster for 2013

Monday 1 October 2012 6:27
Updated 4th July 2013

New banners have appeared on park announcing a “New World Beating Roller Coaster” for the 2013 season. The banners include the rather creepy face logo which appeared around the park in recent weeks, are also advertising for advocates to ride the 2013 roller coaster. The advertising also has the rather ominous hash tag: “#getcorrected”.

There is also a QR Code which links to which as well as featuring an e-mail signup link, also includes a countdown to opening date which has now been revealed as Saturday 16th March 2013 at 10am.

SW7 Banner

Although not explicitly being marketed as a “world’s first” the banners do suggest the ride will be distinct from anything else seen. Considering the plans released earlier this year do not demonstrate any particularly unique aspects, this “world beating” feature will likely either be part of the indoor section of the ride, part of the design of the train/ shuttle or the published plans have been changed to some degree.

The park are also asking for advocates for the new coaster, which links in with the story so-far released for The Sanctuary scare maze. The Sanctuary is new for this year at the park’s Scarefest event, and is known to link into the SW7 project in some way. Of interest is the use of the creepy smiley face that has been seen around the park, confirming the face is linked to the SW7 project. As well as the hash tag “#getcorrected” which seems to even further link the ride in with the up-and-coming scare maze.

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