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Exclusive: SW7 name revealed?

Sunday 20 January 2013 19:01
Updated 4th July 2013

TowersStreet have just been sent images of a new style of poster advertising Alton Towers’ new rollercoaster for 2013: SW7, put up in London today. If these are genuine, they add weight to previous rumours that the attraction will be called The Smiler. The name, which has been rumoured since the appearance of a trademark back in November, is coherent with the creepy smiling theme that was first used in The Sanctuary during the 2012 Scarefest event.

The fact that these posters have been put up suggests an official reveal of the name within the next few days, either from Alton Towers themselves or in the press. Hype has been built up through the park’s social media in the last few days, sparking speculation about ‘The Inoculator’, as well as showing what could potentially be screenshots from video related to the attraction, and this video showing just some of the places the ride logo has been broadcast around the country.

It is possible that ‘The Smiler’ and ‘The Inoculator’ could be names of other thematic elements in the attraction itself, such as the large metallic structure, and that the ride itself will have an entirely different name. Until official word is given from Alton Towers, enthusiasts can merely speculate.

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UPDATE (22:15 – 20/01/13): We’ve managed to get a bit closer to the posters themselves, as seen on our Twitter account: