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Moon Voyager Room Details Revealed

Wednesday 13 February 2013 14:00
Updated 4th July 2013

Alton Towers have today sent us some exciting images showing the concept art for the new Moon Voyager Rooms at the Alton Towers Hotel. This development, which will open later this year, sees the refurbishment of 14 rooms from the current ‘Explorer Room’ style into ‘Sir Algenon’s Voyage to the Moon’. This refurbishment will take the current theme and transform it into something that appears very retro-futuristic and steam-punk in its styling. We’re very excited to bring you the first full concept images of this new development:


This first image shows us a general overview of the rooms’ style and theme. Clearly everything from the current rooms are set to be scrapped or completely refurbished and a new dividing wall has been placed between the double bed and the area where bunk beds would have been before.


Here we see the plans for the refurbished bathrooms – an area of the current rooms which currently let them down. The bathrooms also follow the steam-punk theme and will breathe new life into an area of the hotel which is currently lacking.


This next image shows how the corridor outside should look once the refurbishment is complete. Once again, it is a complete refurbishment from the previous theme, with new carpets and paintwork – as well as brand new doors which look like airlocks. Work on the corridor is already clearly underway, as we have shown on our popular Facebook page.


Finally, we bring you and exciting and exclusive look at the full plans for the new rooms. As you can see, the current layout has been transformed and a dividing wall has been brought in to create a distinctive ‘kids area’ which includes a television as well as a single bed. This is the first time that the single or bunk beds in a room have been separated from the double bed and it will be interesting to see what other treats are hidden there for the resort’s younger visitors. Another point to note is the round object near the centre of the room marked as “Game”. We can only speculate on what this will be, but hopefully it may be some sort of quest or entertainment for children in the same vein as the LEGO treasure hunt that is available at the Legoland Windsor Hotel.

The Moon Voyager rooms are currently available to book at the Alton Towers Hotel and more information can be found on the Alton Towers website. The above images are just concepts and so may not be 100% accurate to the final plans, however they provide the general look and feel of how the rooms will turn out.

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