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The Smiler – The Game and The Drop

Thursday 21 February 2013 11:33
Updated 4th July 2013

Alton Towers have today released a new video teasing The Smiler Game, and the video has revealed some details about aspects of the world-beating attraction.

The game is set to be one of the key pieces of marketing for the attraction, where users will navigate around the track layout of The Smiler whilst getting track upgrades as you progress through the game.


The game is intended to be a semi-realistic look at the attraction, which if it is the case, means the station will have white walls and yellow queueline fences.


One part of the video also shows what seems to be an underground section, with sinister smiling faces covering the walls.


The video has also revealed that one of the drops of the attraction after the 1st/2nd lift hill is set to invert whilst dropping at the same time. This is different to the vast majority of rollercoasters whilst also adding to the already high inversion count for the attraction. The addition of an inverted drop also proves what many people on our forums have been discussing for a number of months, that the original planning application has a different track layout to what the final ride will be. The video also seems to show an extra inversion near the end of the ride, which was also not documented in the planning application.


A different track layout does not break any planning application guidelines as the track for the Smiler is in the GDO, where restrictions are less strict than other parts of the park and anything can be built if certain criteria are met. However the station building did not meet the GDO requirements and did require planning permission.

In one section of the video, it shows an outline of the spider-like structure which is one of the large theming elements which will form part of the attraction and hints that the name of this element will be called “The Marmaliser”


Finally, the last shot of the ride from the game is of the brake-run area, but if you look closely you can see that there seems to be a show-scene as the trains leave the indoor section and proceed up the first lift-hill.


The video also features a fitting sinister new remix of the popular ‘In The Hall of the Mountain King’ score that Alton Towers is widely recognised for.

The app’s creators, Matmi, have also posted some details and more screenshots on their website which you can read at


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Progress has also quickened in recent days on The Smiler construction site, with track being moved last night and put in place today. We have been sent the following photo by TowersStreet forum member Rob.


With even more details about The Smiler expected to be released in the months prior to its opening in May, will be bringing you all the latest updates via Twitter and Facebook. You can also discuss the video and more over on our forums.