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    Podcast Recommendations

    I haven't listen to many different podcasts but I'm quite a fan of it. I prefer those instead of audiobooks (I rather read books). Since I'm German I often listen to podcasts in my language because I like to do stuff along the way and I have difficulties to concentrate on both activites if I'd...
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    Is there anything I should know before going to Phantasia Land for the first time?

    Just try both versions. MC doesn't usually have a big queue.
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    2022 Trip Plans

    Sorry I forgot to reply. Pretty smooth except for the final break run. I enjoy the first drop and first airtime hill the most. It's great for families.
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    2022 Trip Plans

    Because of work stuff, I sadly can't go to more big trips (two parks or more) this year. Buuut I'm planing to go to Phantasialand in december during Winterfest. I'm getting quite excited about it, because it will be the first time I can do night rides. Spontaneous visit sometime this year: my...
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    Britain and foreign languages

    same here. I was very good with French during my three years. Now I can remember about 5% of it.
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    HP² - April 2022

    My trip went from 25.04. - 29.04. First I stayed overnight in Lübeck and took the train to Hansa Park (like I did in 2020). For Heide Park I stayed in Soltau and took the shuttle bus. Hansa Park The weather was perfect for the day. Sunny but not too hot. Fortunately the park was really empty...
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    2022 Trip Plans

    I'm doing Hansa Park and Heide Park at the end of April :) I haven't visit Heide Park for ~10 years I think. So I'm looking forward to the new Collossos and Flug der Dämonen. Last time I haven't done Krake because I was scared of it so it's gonna be my first wing coaster and dive coaster.
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    Is there anything I should know before going to Phantasia Land for the first time?

    I heard from other people the food in Uhrwerk (Rookburgh) is very good. If you take some small food/snacks or order something from this restaurant I recommend to sit outside of Tacana. You get a very nice view of Chiapas while eating.
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    2022 Trip Plans

    Me and a few friends decided to visit Energylandia and Legendia in poland during a short trip. We don't have a date yet. It will be my first time in these two parks. I also would love to visit more parks this year but it is not set in stone where and when. Pandemic and private life you know...
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    Legoland Deutschland building €15.5m coaster

    My bet is the new Vekoma STC model. It's family friendly, tamed and fun inversions. The Axis coaster would be kind of random idk, but I would not complain.
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    No I haven't done Talocan. I'm scared of these kind of rides. Maybe one day.... Also I haven't done a tone of thrill rides yet. I'm still a beginner...kind of. For example I cannot compare 10 different inverted coasters because I only rode two in my life (Black Mamba and a SLC).
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    This week I had the chance to experience Rookburgh and F.L.Y. for the first time! I love it! The area looks better in person. There is so much to see. I was able to do two rides (third row and last row). It was my first flying coaster as well so I was double excited. It was smooth, fun and a...
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    Hansa-Park: General Discussion

    According to the new 2021 park map and main brochure, the coaster "Fluch von Novgorod" ("Curse of Novgorod") is now called "Flucht von Novogorod" ("Escape from Novgorod"). It's still unkown if that's an simple error because the website page for Novgorod still names the coaster "Fluch"...
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    Hansa Park - September 2020

    It was a perfect day for a visit. An average of 18°C and mostly cloudless weather. There weren't that many queues during the day. At most times it was a walk on. Only Karnän and Novgorod got a queue (but it was about 15 minutes each). I like to start the day with a kiddi coaster or a flat ride...
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    A brand new attraction opens all of a sudden and you guys are talking about food xD Tbh after the employee event I expected an opening soon but I didn't expect this without an annoucement. I'm really excited about Rookburgh and FLY and I don't want to be spoiled too much. Someone on facebook...
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    Even if you don't understand this, it's funny and self-explaining.
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    Towers Merch

    I hope that doesn't sound weird. I'm asking for someone to buy me some merch from one of the stores in the park. I'll pay the full product and shipping of course!! The reason: the online store doesn't offer international shipping (I've enquired a staff member). If someone wants to help me, just...
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    Phantasialand - June 2020

    I got a chance to visit Phantasialand this week, so I'm writing a little review. It's my first time doing such a report and aside from that English isn't my mother language. My visit was on June 16. Ironically, the same time I planned to visit Alton Towers. Well, you have to take what you can...
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    The Thread of YouTube!

    At least someone is enjoying quarantine. (I love this)