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  1. Ali1350

    UK roller coaster poll

    1) Icon - BPB 2) Nemesis - Towers 3) Wicker Man - Towers 4) The Smiler - Towers 5) The Swarm - Thorpe 6) Stealth - Thorpe 7) Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe 8) Oblivion - Towers 9) Grand National - BPB 10) Big One - BPB 11) Th13teen - Towers 12) Galactica - Towers 13) Big Dipper - BPB 14) Mumbo Jumbo -...
  2. Ali1350

    Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2020

    Big german market complete with giant beer tents out on the front lawn please
  3. Ali1350

    Your Top Ten Coasters

    Alright I'll play along * = new cred for 2019 10 - Nemesis - Alton Towers 9 - Kraken - Sea World Orlando 8 - The Incredible Hulk - Universal IOA 7 - Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa 6 - Sheikra - Busch Gardens Tampa 5 - Icon - BPB* 4 - Blue Fire - Europa Park* 3 - Red Force - Ferarri Land 2 - Wodan -...
  4. Ali1350

    Rank BPB''s coasters

    Icon Grand National Big One Big Dipper Revolution Nickelodeon Streak Avalanche Steeplechase Blue Flyer Infusion
  5. Ali1350

    Which 1994 Coaster will be removed 1st?

    It's looking that way sadly. A real shame..
  6. Ali1350

    Which 1994 Coaster will be removed 1st?

    Big One won’t be going anywhere for a long long time. It’s the biggest draw in the park and probably still the most well known coaster in the UK amongst non enthusiasts (besides maybe the smiler). It’ll be retracked in a few years and won’t go till PB goes. I can’t see AT getting rid of Nemesis...
  7. Ali1350

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    Really gutted to see the reviews from this. I’ve thought for ages Blackpool has the potential to put on a really special scare event thats up there with the best in the UK and possibly Europe so it’s frustrating to hear how much they’ve messed it up. I really hope the park do a bit more research...
  8. Ali1350

    Alton Towers On The Gadget Show

    Very odd, suspect there will now be an abundance of idiots who will chance their luck because they saw it on the show
  9. Ali1350

    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    The name doesn’t help its case, it’s like if a father and son are both professional footballers, the son will always be compared to his Dad because of his name
  10. Ali1350

    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    I love inferno personally, it’s very smooth even on the back and pretty forceful tbh. It’s biggest issue is that due to its name it will always be compared to a far superior ride which is arguably the most iconic invert in the world
  11. Ali1350

    Carnival of Screams/Boiler House Entrances 2010

    I would love to see them use that area again
  12. Ali1350

    Galactica: General Discussion

    Had one ride on it this season and only stopped for about 10/15 seconds as opposed to about a minute last time so yes in my experience it’s definitely improved
  13. Ali1350


    Merlin could collect the moss & grime into jars and sell it to the public, maybe then they’d actually clean the place more often
  14. Ali1350

    Scarefest 2019

    Honestly once you do the first one you’ll be buzzing to do the rest, the suspense is what freaked me out the most but once I was in there I was so glad I went in. P42 is probably a good one to start on, theres less touching and you won’t get split up (unless like me and my group you get lost in...
  15. Ali1350

    Scarefest 2019

    Great day on park yesterday, best I’ve had in years tbh. Not been to Scarefest since I was still at School 8 years ago so it was my first time doing the mazes and I thought they were brilliant. Skin Snatchers definitely the favourite (didnt do the new mazes) we had a smaller group (6) & I led so...
  16. Ali1350

    Scarefest 2019

    Booked up for Thursday 24th, will be my first time doing a proper scare maze (last Scarefest visit was 2011 when I was still a teenager and I was too much of a wimp to go in any) so the closest thing I've done would be TWD:TR and DBGT at Thorpe, as well as the old Zombies scare zone. Excited yet...
  17. Ali1350

    What separates enthusiasts from the GP?

    The GP queue for rides while enthusiasts run about the park all excited looking at markings on the ground. Nah seriously I echo what some others have said I wouldn’t say there really is a clear line between the two. I think someone who enjoys theme parks as a more casual hobby but gets the same...
  18. Ali1350

    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    Went for the first time in years today, really enjoyed it despite not getting on stealth. Couple of observations; Ops were decent and everything was running 2 trains. Longest wait was 1hr for Saw but that did include a temporary stoppage due to a thunderstorm. Aside from that we were on...
  19. Ali1350

    Do you find The Smiler rough?

    Really dont find it to be as bad as some say. Was at PA for the first time last month and found Dragon Khan to be far more uncomfortable
  20. Ali1350

    Flat Rides: What would you like to see come to the park?

    Absolutely no chance of merlin going for that unfortunately