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  1. djtruefitt

    Trip Planning 2022: Information, advice and questions!

    Car hire from Basel is also really easy, the desks are just as you come out the security, and the cars are parked just outside the airport, you also drop them off in the same place. Which makes it really quick and easy, compared to some airports where there is a fair walk or even bus to...
  2. djtruefitt

    Nemesis: Sub-Terra

    Those signs and fences have been there for years now, they are from project 42. It’s been mentioned a few times in this thread where people think they are new.
  3. djtruefitt

    Toverland: General Discussion

    So Looopings are reporting that one of the new rides for next season in the Avalon area will be an Intamin parachute drop tower ride. It’s believed to be the same type of ride which Disney land Paris have in Toy Story land.
  4. djtruefitt

    Trip Planning 2022: Information, advice and questions!

    No, only hotel guests can enter the park using that entrance unfortunately. Anyone could leave it though if you want to exit the park that way.
  5. djtruefitt

    Duel. Time to say goodbye?

    Knowing Merlin they’ll probably ignore Mack and get Garmandale or something cheap in to try fix the system.
  6. djtruefitt

    American Adventure Park

    And one final bit of AA goodness for today, a park map! I only took a photo of the front but I can get some more of the inside of people want to see it.
  7. djtruefitt

    Walibi Holland: General Discussion

    I’m assuming the mandatory virtual queue system has been removed from Walibi now? As it was in place during my last visit in 2020.
  8. djtruefitt

    American Adventure Park

    Here’s the rest of the booklet, as forum has limit of images in one post:
  9. djtruefitt

    American Adventure Park

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I’ll post it again. My dad found this old booklet advertising the park, I’m assuming from the opening year or two.
  10. djtruefitt

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Loke at Liseberg is a fantastic ride, and I would love to see one in the UK! Be great to get one at BP.
  11. djtruefitt

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    If it’s designed like any other coaster Merlin have put in; then it will be designed badly, require way more staff than it actually should have, and will cost the park a fortune to staff. But maybe they have learnt.
  12. djtruefitt

    The Retrosquad: General Discussion

    I also think the ride people are probably in no hurry to get the rides actually fixed. The longer a ride is down, they are just saving money and maintenance. Not that is what I am saying they are doing, but wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway yesterday Funk N Fly was testing manually. Was up in the...
  13. djtruefitt

    YULLBE - VR Midway Attraction

    Since opening at towers the YULLBE has gone down in price, it’s now £7 for 1 game, £12 for 2 and £15 for free, compared to £10 for one game when it opened.
  14. djtruefitt

    Nemesis: Sub-Terra

    Yeah, at towers usually all the lighting will go to white/house lights on. Music and sound effects will stop, and a pre recorded message will play. And anything else which happens will stop, like effects and stuff. I’ve had a few in my time at towers including The Sanctuary and Welcoming
  15. djtruefitt

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    I imagine universal rock will be on site soon to do the rock work part of it.
  16. djtruefitt

    Drayton Manor Park

    It would look better if the sign was actually layered up to make it 3D rather than the fake 3D that it is.
  17. djtruefitt

    2023: Mack BigDipper

    Here’s another photo from EP on Twitter showing a bit more of the theming and ride.
  18. djtruefitt

    Knott's Berry Farm: General Discussion

    On top of the policy which launched last week, the park have now announced this rule will also cover Sundays, and other days they feel fit. They are also adding additional security protocols and operating procedures.
  19. djtruefitt

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    The ride would be better if it didn’t have a silly story and didn’t have the cave. Just a decent drive to see some animals (which I imagine 99% of the people who ride it expect to see and none care for a story on a ride like that). I would knock the whole cave down and just add some more animals...