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  1. Danny

    Theme Park Worldwide

    You truly are the TPWW Number One Fan Girl.
  2. Danny

    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    Yes, but with the indoor pool closed it gets busy very quickly and is quite cramped.
  3. Danny

    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    As mentioned previously, it's very much the ease of finding out about RAP and how to claim it through social media. The smaller independent parks don't have the theme park equivalent of MumsNet that the Merlin ones do, in particular Lego and Chessington.
  4. Danny

    Ride/Park Accidents

    Over 30 people have been injured in a crash at Legoland Deutscheland.
  5. Danny

    Canada's Wonderland: General Discussion

    Pleased they're adding the ART coaster in, will no doubt be of great quality. The flat ride looks utterly bonkers.
  6. Danny

    Worlds of Fun: General Discussion

    The spiral lift will be a nod to the Schwarzkopf it is replacing. A nice touch. The name is also the same as the coaster it is replacing.
  7. Danny

    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    By that definition, queue jumpers ought to be given RAP as well.
  8. Danny

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    I suspect it was a deliberate ploy to get geeks not on park glued to the app just to pleasure themselves for when it reopened.
  9. Danny

    Duel. Time to say goodbye?

    What debacle? He retired. It's not as if they "forgot" to consult him. I'm sure he didn't lose sleep over it either.
  10. Danny

    Dollywood: General Discussion

    That's the great thing about opinions. They can be negative just as much as positive.
  11. Danny

    Dollywood: General Discussion

    I thought it looked decent from the POVs. It's well themed, yes. But other than that, it's slow. Dull. Forceless. The reverse launch is weak. It was my most anticipated family coaster of the entire trip. I was utterly dissappinted and let down as I'd been looking forward to riding it for...
  12. Danny

    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    Only the once given the rarity of it opening, but it was well worth it. A cosy hidden secret.
  13. Danny

    Dollywood: General Discussion

    It's Vekoma, but you're right; it's wasted potential. A motorbike coaster would have been great.
  14. Danny

    Dollywood: General Discussion

    Why am I not? It's a family ride. What if I wanted to take my kid? Can I not ride as I'm not the target audience of a family as prescribed by you?
  15. Danny

    Dollywood: General Discussion

    It could be four miles long for all I care, the length means nothing. The general consensus was that it was going to be something like Hagrids. Considering this is their most expensive investment ever, it looks underwhelming for what is being delivered. I've already been bitten by Firechaser...
  16. Danny

    Dollywood: General Discussion

    Underwhelmed somewhat.
  17. Danny

    Europa Park: The Imperfections

    Matterhorn Blitz. The snow tunnel at the top of the first drop is so dirty and ugly compared to the rest of the ride, and has been for some years. It needs a jetwash or a repaint.
  18. Danny

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    Track reportedly for Chessington sat outside the manufacturing plant:
  19. Danny

    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    It's a shame Bittburger isn't in here anymore. My response: