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  1. D4n

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    The main problem with the wheel concept in general is that punters will be treated to a wonderful view of Blackpool.
  2. D4n

    Ride/Park Accidents

    Very surprised that the two trains affected by the station break failure didn't explode in a ball of fire killing everybody on board. The RCT series has been lying to me. I suppose the park reptutation has been tanked though so at least that part is accurate.
  3. D4n

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    How... uninspired. Bet it's an uncharge.
  4. D4n

    Dubai Parks July 2022

    Nah, opinions on the parks I've experienced were well established prior to being quarantined. There were a few factors which may have influenced my thinking relative to yours. The first, as I've already alluded to, was that it was very clearly too hot to be at a theme park on the days that I...
  5. D4n

    Drayton Manor Park

    I'm not sure anybody would want to ride anything at Drayton enough times to justify that cost? But I would prefer fastrack, if introduced, to be obscenely priced to reduce numbers using it. Drayton is too much of a regional park, with too many low throughput attractions, for it to work though.
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    Ride/Park Accidents BBC now reporting on this story in English.
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    Efficiency or interaction; which do you prefer to be emphasised within ride operations?

    I'm visiting theme parks, primarily, to ride the rides. If I wanted interaction I would seek out a different type of experience. Efficiency.
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    Dubai Parks July 2022

    An interesting one. I can certainly see the appeal of the park, however I was simply disappointed by the standard of attractions at the park other than the three or four headliners mentioned. I think having the additional two rides open, particularly the rapids, may have made a significant...
  9. D4n

    Spinball Whizzer: General Discussion

    Based on all of the information that you have provided that's an utterly appalling 200pph from the main queue line, even assuming that all seats were being filled (not likely). This kind of RAP / fastrack allocation is completely unacceptable.
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    Dubai Parks July 2022

    Hi all, Presently, I am trapped in a quarantine hotel having tested positive for covid when trying to enter Abu Dhabi; as such, particularly with the duration of quarantine here still being 10 days, I can consider myself extremely bored at this point and therefore more able to delve into a...
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    ridecount - Into The Future!

    I've decided to do Legoland Dubai as well while I'm out here :kissingsmiling::kissingsmiling:
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    ridecount - Into The Future!

    Cheers mate. Thanks for adding IMG as well - forgot to request that one!
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    ridecount - Into The Future!

    Motiongate Bollywood Park Dubai Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ...would be great additions if at all possible! :)
  14. D4n

    Dubai - May 22

    How was the situation at these parks in terms of asking for proof of vaccination / mask wearing? The process for registering on the UAE covid app seems strenuous at best so I'd like to avoid that if it isn't necessary and I do find mask wearing to be rather tedious at theme parks, especially in...
  15. D4n

    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    I have now ridden Sik. It is a good coaster, much better than Colossus and by far better than anything else the park has to offer. But not one of the best in the country. The station isn't very pleasant. It doesn't really capture a nightclub feel and it is clearly a metal shed with some flags...
  16. D4n

    Scarefest 2022

    There's no congo lines at Towers anymore. Hands on shoulders no longer a thing at most scare attractions nationwide fortunately.
  17. D4n

    2022 Trip Plans

    Matt mate you're 18 and at Uni. Forget what your parents think. You certainly aren't too "young and vulnerable" to do anything. Most people your age are out getting steaming in dodgy nightclubs every weekend.
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    Hotel guests now receive a fastrack valid on a selection if D ticket attractions for each night stay in place of ERT. Valid on Maus, Winjas, Colorado, Chiapas.
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    Cedar Point: General Discussion

    Wouldn't be at all surprised to see them replace it relatively like for like. Go for world's tallest coaster and with a more reliable type of launch.
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    Nemesis: Sub-Terra

    I guess the scarefest budget has been reduced