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  1. Olii

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    At least we can safely say that Towers didn't waste their money when paying the voice actor to record a nice queue line announcement...
  2. Olii

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    I got a sneaky ride in today by joining the queue at around 3:40. All I can say is wow, that was the first time I've come off a ride in the UK feeling thoroughly entertained. Every detail of the ride is near flawless (minus what I assume were teething problems, see spoiler tag). I think this...
  3. Olii

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    Wicker Man has now been moved to thrill on Ride Times :)
  4. Olii

    2016: The Smiler Reopening

    If you don't want to increase traffic to the site, copy the link to, then share the link from there. That lets people visit the articles without registering as a click on the news site. e.g...
  5. Olii

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    World's first wooden coaster with OTSRs?
  6. Olii

    'World's First'

    I think the world's first thing used to be a great tool for advertisement, back when the public was generally unaware of coasters that weren't simply sit down steel loopers or woodies, as the internet wasn't as prevalent is today and it wasn't as common to visit theme parks abroad. Imagine first...
  7. Olii

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    The document "Site Plan Setup and Demolitions Plan" has labels "Unload station" and "Load station" So it looks like there will be two loading areas.
  8. Olii

    2017/18: SW8 Speculation

    If you squint, you can see on the lift it says "lift slope 24 degrees". Am I right in thinking this is relatively shallow, implying wood?
  9. Olii

    Galactica: General Discussion

    Wonder if I could get a doctor's note that says I'm allergic to gimmicks...
  10. Olii

    The magic has disappeared!

    The magic is indeed gone. It's been gone for a while now. The park no longer seems to instil that feeling of total escapism it once did, or have that electric atmosphere emanating from thousands of excited guests, and it's such a shame, because that used to be the best thing about Towers...
  11. Olii

    2016: Air - Re-theme to VR Coaster - Galactica

    It's on their YouTube channel :)
  12. Olii

    Major Ride Closures 2016

    The galleons are filled from a mains water source, not the lake. They have a tank inside that's filled from the pipe in the station that pours mains water into the top of their masts.
  13. Olii

    2016: Air - Re-theme to VR Coaster - Galactica

    No need to worry at all about the video quality, one thing Samsung have nailed is displays. The S6 boasts a 2560x1440 pixel panel with a pixel density of 577, about twice that of a standard HDTV. Couple that with the contrast, colour range and refresh rates of AMOLED panels and you can push...
  14. Olii

    Which ride will be removed next? (Poll reset 20.06.2017)

    It would appear that I belong to a very, very small minority of people who actually have a soft spot for battle galleons. I always try and fit a ride in even on the cold days, although admittedly it is usually very difficult to convince whoever is with me to accompany me. I love it for the...
  15. Olii

    Scarefest 2015

    A one off purchase pass that allowed holders to enter the mazes without paying for the whole of that year's Scarefest.
  16. Olii

    2017/18: SW8 Speculation

    "Exciting plans in the pipeline for Forbidden Valley" Had a bit of a giggle at the unintentional reference to SW1/2 ;)
  17. Olii

    The Magic

    Where's the magic? Stuck in the 1990's
  18. Olii

    Scarefest 2014

    *facepalm* (also, while I'm being pedantic, Earth should be capitalised)
  19. Olii

    Scarefest 2014

    I was reserving judgement on Scarefest as a whole until I saw the quality of the lighting. If what is seen in Dark Forest is of a similar quality park wide, I think I can forgive them for getting rid of Carnival. Just.