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    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Nemesis remains my all time favourite rollercoaster and even with age she remains phenomenal. I was lucky to go on her within a week of opening day in 1994 and she was even better then. I don't think there is a chance that Merlin will mess this up. They know that Nemmie remains truly iconic...
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    Avatar Technology and Theme Parks

    Ok, it's time for whatever tiny bit of street cred that I had to be gone forever. I love ABBA (there, I said it), especially Agnetha... They have a new Avatar based show in London, ABBA Voyage that uses the latest technology (far ahead of previous shows using Holograms). I think it looks...
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    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    My first post in several years. Had some health problems, but finally coming out the other side. Sik is way better than I expected and Flamingo land have done a great job with what they had to work with. Hugely more entertaining and less painful than Colossus. It's in my top five UK coasters...
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    Controversial Alton Towers Opinions

    Rita isn't worthy of the park. AT doesn't need more flat rides - i go for the headline attractions, not end of pier stuff. Agree that The World of David Walliams is not what AT needs and is setting a low bar. AT is more magical than a lot of higher attendance theme parks around the world...
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    Queue lines

    Hate queuing at the post office or supermarket, but queuing at AT has never bothered me, because I love the atmosphere and watching the rides. Besides, the alternative would be being in Barnsley.
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    Surprisingly wet water rides

    AT Battle Galleons. A couple of hours squirting people and taking it back in a hilarious cycle of revenge on the hottest day of the year is a phenomenally fun and incredibly wet experience. It may not be a world class water ride, but in the right weather, and in particular with the right...
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    Heroes and Villains

    Interesting! Let's hope he can be a hero again in the future. He always comes across as a nice guy, and I think he has a genuine affection for Alton Towers, but I reckon balancing the conflicting needs of shareholders, customers, staff, and to a lesser extent enthusiasts, whilst keeping his...
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    Heroes and Villains

    My first new thread for ages. AT has such a rich and amazing history, dating back centuries. We love the history, the rides, the gardens, the towers, the atmosphere... and so we should... but who are the movers and shakers... Who are the people who put AT on the map for the right or wrong...
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    2021: General Discussion

    Not sure I'm keen on this. I've always considered Alton a place of magic, with some world class rides, world class gardens and world class centrepiece (The Towers). Travelling fun fair rides can be both intense and fun, but they are best at night with 200 Decibel music and 50,000 watts of...
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    Your Top Ranked U.K. Coasters

    1 Nemesis - Big gap - for me, it's not even close. Feel a little sorry for inferno, which would be higher on my list if not for its brother showing what a B and M Invert can do. 2 Smiler - intimidating, good length, plenty of action, recording breaking with a surprisingly great airtime moment...
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    If The Smiler accident didn’t happen..

    I don't think we would have had or will ever, get the cross valley woody due to planning permission, even though I would have loved it. I agree that we may have got an RMC perhaps 50% bigger than Wicker Man in Forbidden Valley, but make no mistake, I was skeptical until I rode it but WM was a...
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    Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2020

    Wow, this "Everything is Fake" criticism is everywhere. Have people been channelling Hans Wormhat (Absolutely shockingly terrible YouTube channel).
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    Theme Park Worldwide

    Shocked by this. Personally, I've always watched his videos, but never subscribed to his channel. He has always come across as a pleasant and likeable enthusiast as have some of the people facing more serious allegations. I believe that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and...
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    Will the lockdown increase or reduce investment?

    Very good point. I agree they will put the marketing budget first.
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    Will the lockdown increase or reduce investment?

    Short term - knee jerk reaction to loss of revenue. Massive cuts to budgets. Medium term - realisation that something is needed to get people back - family thrill investment, maybe hyped as an SW, but with a smaller budget. Long term - Depends on reaction to medium term investment. We have a...
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    Will the lockdown increase or reduce investment?

    I can't decide on this one. On the one hand, I can see Merlin, reducing Capex for years given the huge drop in revenues to reduce costs, but on the on the other hand, it could be argued that they may go for a huge early investment (SW9?). to entice people back. What will Merlin do ? and...
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    First coaster after lock down?

    Nemmie Incredible from day one. Still incredible today. Will remain incredible
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    Nemesis: General Discussion

    She is a B and M. She is tough as old boots. Whilst she deserves a major refurb from B and themselves, I'm not writing her off.
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    I like that and I couldn't do any better. ...although with some of Merlin's bizarre and inappropriate theming choices we would be more likely to get a 6D VR physical sensory experience, themed around the Adult Entertainment Industry and a private shop selling...?????? Actually us oldies will...
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    I'm just hoping that in a few years we are not looking at the deserted, ramshackle overgrown, rusting, grafitti strewn remains of the former Alton Theme Park, as we do The American Adventure today... ...or will it just be another apocolyptic theme?