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  1. Alastair

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    The pre-show is stupidly overfilled these days for some reason. Which means it takes longer to start, because the hosts are fixated on shouting to cram more people in when there is inadequate space, and then when it finishes, people queue out of the door into the station, delaying the next batch...
  2. Alastair

    Project Horizon: Public Consultation on new attraction

    The Duel building is approximately 2500m2, including the internal queueline. This would be 3266m2, excluding the queueline (supposedly). So, somewhat larger!
  3. Alastair

    2022: General Discussion

    I've just moved a number of posts completely off topic to what would constitute Alton Towers General Discussion. Please can we keep on topic! Thanks :)
  4. Alastair

    The Alton Towers Music, Video and Other Multimedia Thread

    You aren't talking about instrumentation then, rather the feel or style of the music. Furthermore, much of Graham Smart's stuff was in an orchestral style but was composed with the significantly inferior orchestral samples/synths available in the 80s and 90s in comparison with the very realistic...
  5. Alastair

    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    One can only dream that they can address the Nemesis RAP situation during the retrack works. I daresay it's been at least 5 if not more years since I managed to ride it on row 8 (the prime seat) because there is always an enormous queue heading down the exit ramp that not only exclusively hogs...
  6. Alastair

    Project Horizon: Public Consultation on new attraction

    Unfortunately if there isn't a gargantuan number of trains and blocks, the capacity for a single-rail is going to be surely far too low for a park like Towers. Only 8 people per train and most of the current models only have 3 max trains!
  7. Alastair

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Looks like the Ferris wheel is on its way...
  8. Alastair

    The Alton Towers Music, Video and Other Multimedia Thread

    As far as I know Crispin Merrell composed all of the ride music, ambience and all.
  9. Alastair

    Monorail Refurbishment

    Can't see what Alstom would gain from advertising their multi-million pound high speed rail vehicles to Billy and his mates going on a school trip in the summer though?
  10. Alastair

    The Queen dies, aged 96. The future of the monarchy

    Dear God, what can't ultimately be linked back to theme parks? Could I edge us back to something resembling more serious conversation here please? :tearsofjoy:
  11. Alastair

    Formula One

    Safety car deployed over the end of the race if it suits the FIA's Golden Boy, but if god forbid Lewis might be in with the chance of a race win - they're sure as heck bringing it in for a one lap sprint!
  12. Alastair

    Alton Towers/Merlin Typos & Grammatical Errors

    Just a quick reminder that we do have a dedicated Chessington topic - this one should be kept purely to nonsensical Merlin typos if at all possible please! Thanks.
  13. Alastair

    Duel Data Dump

    I think the usage of this one as somewhere to post all things Duel pre-2022 is perfectly fine given the new thread is now very much focussed on its future.
  14. Alastair

    2022: General Discussion

    Group Personal Pension Plan is the second highest benefit they offer. Wow, so generous!
  15. Alastair

    Nemesis: Sub-Terra

    This used to happen occasionally and it completely ruined the experience. As you enter the chamber you're supposed to be totally unaware of what's going to happen, so seeing a mass group panic-exiting into a secondary lift with a loud siren and flashing red lights in the pitch black on the other...
  16. Alastair

    Plopsaland De Panne: The Ride To Happiness 2021

    I heard the info RE: Halloween from a Belgian friend who lives very close to the park. They don't upcharge for their mazes and obviously the general visitorship is mostly on the younger side, so he seemed to feel as if they offer the event more out of courtesy and to mildly compete with other...
  17. Alastair

    Cleverest uses of illusions within theme parks?

    The boulder scene on Indiana Jones Adventure (my personal favourite ride to date!) It genuinely feels as if the Jeep stops then reverses as the boulder approaches, however the sensation is manufactured by the walls on either side moving forwards instead (as the EMV's are unable to move backwards...
  18. Alastair

    Plopsaland De Panne: The Ride To Happiness 2021

    Yes, the latest of them went back on the 1st. Plopsa's supposedly half-hearted Halloween event would be a great time to visit now though given the later opening hours and potential for rides in the dark.
  19. Alastair

    Project Horizon: Public Consultation on new attraction

    The wording of it as "second gate brand delivery" suggests an upcoming project though, either a full retheme of Splash Landings or something else...
  20. Alastair

    Plopsaland De Panne: The Ride To Happiness 2021

    Rode RTH a couple of days ago, having had my expectations set high (though still no clue of how it would ride) by a number of people's prior reports - particularly @Danny's from a few weeks back. I was slightly dubious as to the spinning element as, whilst I don't mind Maurer spinners, I do...