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  1. Robert.W

    2019: General Discussion

    Yeah, I don’t really get the enthusiasm for Icon, like... and I’m not even comparing it against anything specific here, I just don’t think it’s a very good coaster in the general scheme of things. I could easily get behind an Intamin launch coaster though – even when the only one I’ve ridden is...
  2. Robert.W

    Legoland Windsor

    God it’s actually laughable. What on earth are they leading in? Guest dissatisfaction? :rolleyes:
  3. Robert.W

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    I would like to think they’ll keep CCL open until the end of 2020 then close it all off (incl. the dungeons – though that might just be wishful thinking on my part :)), then spend the 2021 season building SW9 and retheming the area around it. Hopefully they have learned from Wicker Man that they...
  4. Robert.W

    Food & Beverage 2019

    While we on the subject of food quality... i saw an awful picture from the Rollercoaster Restaurant posted online today. In fact, I’ve actually put in spoilers here because it made me feel uneasy just looking at it. I’ve not been to Alton Towers yet this season, but hearing the food quality –...
  5. Robert.W

    The Alton Towers Music, Video and Other Multimedia Thread

    Short video from Alton Towers about how they created this years TV advert. Pretty good to be honest, worth a watch.
  6. Robert.W

    2019: General Discussion

    That’s certainly good to know, it was getting very faded again and needed a bit of TLC! :)
  7. Robert.W

    2019: General Discussion

    So erm... this was posted on a Discord server. Not sure exactly what happened... taken down to be cleaned / replaced (unlikely)? Or is the place literally just falling apart (probably more likely)? :eek:
  8. Robert.W

    2019: Hotel Krønasår

    Yes, I’ve exactly the same thoughts about the Tre Krønen after seeing photos. Some artwork on the walls would certainly add some more character. It’s really lacking in detail, and looks very bland and uninspiring at the moment. Everything else I’ve seen looks fantastic though!
  9. Robert.W

    2021: The World of David Walliams

    I’ve always looked to Efteling for what I think Alton Towers should be like in terms of theming. At both parks you’ve got lots of forested areas and beautiful gardens. But when you come across actual theming, both parks couldn’t be more different; at Efteling you’ve got fantastic, high quality...
  10. Robert.W

    2019: Hotel Krønasår

    The snake skeleton, has arrived at Hotel Krønasår and is now in the process of being assembled on the earlier installed framework in the atrium! In a tweet, Michael Mack calls the snake Svalgur, which is a character that will also feature in the new dark ride, Snorri Touren if the description of...
  11. Robert.W

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    I don’t really get the hate for Grand National, I really enjoyed it when I went to the Pleasure Beach for the first time in April. It’s a fun ride, and I don’t think it would be anywhere near as entertaining if it wasn’t for the joltiness. It was probably one of my favourite rides at Pleasure...
  12. Robert.W

    WDW Hollywood Studios: General Discussion

    I like it, generally. It looks clean and fresh, but it does lack focus. It feels like characters have been chucked in at every opportunity, without really much consideration. It would have been better had they just used Mickey, and possibly had the other “O”s as film reels. They could even have...
  13. Robert.W

    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    A whole two hours!? Perhaps “Not Enough Room on the Broom” would be a more fitting name :eek:
  14. Robert.W

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    Wicker Man is blue fire today. :tearsofjoy: Source
  15. Robert.W

    2019: Hotel Krønasår

    Europa Park today celebrated the “official key handover” (any excuse for a celebration at Europa Park :D) which seems to imply that Hotel Krønasår is now essentially finished and ready for opening! Thomas Mack said on Twitter: “There's the thing! We are very happy to celebrate the...
  16. Robert.W

    2019: General Discussion

    But imagine if they were in charge of the actual restoration... knowing Merlin, either a) nothing would actually have changed after the “refurbishment”, b) it would end up bright green (or another equally obnoxious colour), or c) it would never open its doors ever again :p
  17. Robert.W

    2019: Hotel Krønasår

    A few construction pics posted online by Thomas Mack! Aaand, I recently checked the webpage for Krønasår, and a few nice promotional images have appeared there. :)
  18. Robert.W

    2019: General Discussion

    Wicker Man is a great all round experience though, it’s not really about the coaster on its own, it’s about the who package; the theming, the effects, the story, and the coaster. And with the family market seemingly more lucrative than the thrill market is a present I can understand why they’ve...
  19. Robert.W

    2019: General Discussion

    Meh. I’m more annoyed that the shades of yellow used on the words “The” and “Smiler” still don’t match :P
  20. Robert.W

    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    A little preview area was set up for Rookburgh recently with information boards about the Hotel Charles Lindbergh and FLY, as well as some new artwork. Inside the box there is a model of what is presumed to be the first launch of FLY! :D Images from