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  1. Lottie.

    What is your current MAP status?

    On the Premium Merlin Membership, will be waiting for them to remove this level then I may consider Platinum, depends on the price. [emoji1362]
  2. Lottie.

    Formula One

    It was a very interesting qualifying session yesterday. So pleased for Russell and I’ll be intrigued as to how the start of the race will play out as he’s between Verstappen and Hamilton. Great news that Lando will be racing today but sadly due to a gear box change, he’s been given a 4 grid...
  3. Lottie.

    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park

    Tulley’s is certainly up there as one of my favourite scare events I have done. Hoping to visit next weekend as the new Wastelands area looks insane, plus I find the mazes are great for scares - like with all scare events, it really depends on the run throughs you get!
  4. Lottie.

    Mini Meet Scarefest Opening Day: Saturday, 5th October 2019

    Edit: not gonna be able to make it, should be around next weekend!
  5. Lottie.

    TS North: Saturday, 24th August 2019

    Sadly won't be in attendance for this meet up now, hope everyone has a great time and have a few drinks on me - looks like you may need it ha! ;)
  6. Lottie.

    Universal's Epic Universe - New Florida Theme Park

    Cannot wait for this announcement! Is it Thursday yet? [emoji14]
  7. Lottie.

    Theme Park Worldwide

    I agree with all posts above. I don't believe this trip was very well thought out at all. Even I've been looking into doing a USA road trip (quite a few of the parks they've ticked off!) and it's so easy to make a long list of parks before actually looking at travel times - yes, it's so...
  8. Lottie.

    Paultons Park: General Discussion

    As others have said, I wouldn't be surprised if that part of the park with Cobra and Edge isn't next on their list - especially when they have plenty of land there for some really good development opportunities.
  9. Lottie.

    Paultons Park: General Discussion

    ^ I agree with the above, a decent water ride is needed now. A Rapids ride would be ideal! Loving this new coaster that'll be coming in, really will be a good solid addition to the park. The area will be well themed (for the park at least!) and a good investment - definitely a park to watch...
  10. Lottie.

    Energylandia (Poland): New Coasters

    That drop though! :hearteyes:
  11. Lottie.

    2019: Rulantica

    “I did not want to do a sunken city, but knowing that we had to include some element of water I thought we could integrate a ‘shipwreck beach’ concept…We did not want to go with a tropical or pirate theme as those have been done many times. So we created this mystical, hidden island of Rulantica...
  12. Lottie.

    TS Fireworks: 8-10 November 2019

    Will be there for all 3 days - staying on resort. :)
  13. Lottie.

    TS North: Saturday, 24th August 2019

    Hotel now booked for Friday and Saturday night for a fantastic price - just to pre-book wristbands. :)
  14. Lottie.

    PortAventura: General Discussion

    Definitely get some Hotel Gold River VIBES from the new hotel. Looks nice though!
  15. Lottie.

    Lightwater Valley

    I went for their Halloween event last year, baring in mind it happens during Half Term and ride close was 5 (of the top of my head) and even then, it wasn't overly busy at all. The fireworks were not too bad but obviously a small scale display compared to the likes of Alton Towers. I'm pretty...
  16. Lottie.

    TS North: Saturday, 24th August 2019

    Thanks Craig, I’ll have a look! [emoji846]
  17. Lottie.

    TS North: Saturday, 24th August 2019

    Will look at booking a room once payday rolls around! Need to finally ride Icon. ;)
  18. Lottie.

    TS South: 4-6 May 2019

    I shall be there for Chessington and Thorpe! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Lottie.

    2019: Hotel Krønasår

    It looks great, can't wait to stay here in June. Always wanted to return to the EP hotels after staying in El Andaluz in 2014. :)
  20. Lottie.

    TS Opening Meet: 23-24 March 2019

    I’ll be there for the Saturday! [emoji4]