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  1. smudge

    The Alton Towers Dungeon

    The Witch Finale (at Warwick IIRC) would be brilliant at AT and multiple stories could be incorporated. Molly Leigh perhaps being the most appt. One of the best scenes at ANY dungeon. In more general terms, I think an AT Dungeon would be a success for the resort. Realistically, people will pay.
  2. smudge

    Universal Studios/IOA Orlando: General Discussion

    Yes, Raptor at Gardaland is basically themed to Jurassic Park anyway, just without the IP or Universal's budget. I think this is very feasible, and exciting (if true.)
  3. smudge

    Universal Studios/IOA Orlando: General Discussion

    Looks good! Hopefully its an Intamin too which I think is still plausible at this point. I was really sad to see a decent B&M disappear but I'm sure this will fill the gap nicely and will be much more in-fitting with 'immersion' Universal are obviously going for.
  4. smudge

    Ride/Park Accidents

    That made me feel physically sick. I do hope this is an isolated occurrence at such parks although I fear that not be be the case.
  5. smudge

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    I agree, as a theme park goer, I despise fastrack, in any form - 'fair' is however subjective. Personally, I think it is 'fair' that customers who pay for a service are entitled to receive said service... o_O I don't think there is any option other than to include fastrack on opening...
  6. smudge

    First SW to be Removed?

    I’m sure I read somewhere that B&M said they would never build another nemesis. Parts of the track (the helix I imagine) are too stress inducing on the track.
  7. smudge

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    Yes, exactly. Fundamentally, paint doesn't allow the wood to dry. The paint will crack almost as soon as it dries too, thus allowing water in. I much prefer unpainted wood, even when it gets sunbleached etc - paint just looks tacky IMHO. On another note, I haven't been to BPB since I was...
  8. smudge

    Most Intense Coasters

    Nemesis must be at the very pinnacle of 'intensity.' There is nothing that springs to mind other than maybe Maverick before the changes (I didn't ride) or Manta's (Orlando) Pretzel Loop? Maybe Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster? Kumba is quite intense, as are all of the old but gold B&M's...
  9. smudge

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Icon - 2018 Mack Double Launch Coaster

    I wonder what payment terms Mack accept. They may well have over a year before BPB actually give them any cash.
  10. smudge

    Your Top Ten Coasters

    That’s interesting. I’m only recently back from Europa (totally down to this forum btw; I hope you guys are on commission) but nothing there even touches my top 10. On a whole it’s an awesome place, it really is, but for me at least, nothing stands out as ‘awesome.’
  11. smudge

    Xtreme Fright Nights at Twinlakes Park

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head - ash hell is really spoilt if they let too many through at a time. In groups of 4 or less, like last year, It was epic. Actors pulled you around putting you in various cells etc. Nothing like that this year, that I seen. Pie was never particulary...
  12. smudge

    Xtreme Fright Nights at Twinlakes Park

    Done this last night. It’s totally worth the £20 enterance fee and most of the mazes are truly world class. Each year the atmosphere has deminished however. The events becoming more and more popular (as you’d expect) but it’s hard to get all 6 mazes done in one night. Towards the end they were...
  13. smudge

    Scarefest 2017

    Haha, I picked that one up from here but 'Field Of A Thousand Screams' does take an extra second to type, jeez :tearsofjoy:
  14. smudge

    Scarefest 2017

    FO1KS was outdoors, didn't see any issues...
  15. smudge

    What made you become a theme park enthusiast?

    I've always been interested in engineering (most definitely because that's my fathers profession) so was always looking for 'behind the scenes' information on engineering projects when one day I stumbled upon Towers Almanac which had plenty of information to satisfy my curiosity. It just so...
  16. smudge

    2017: General Discussion

    I don't really get the hate for the 'VIP' pass itself - no doubt if people genuinely do 'push through ques' and have that general 'I'm richer than you' attitude then that's pretty crappy, but the pass itself isn't bad, is it? The profit they make form these 'VIP' passes/events help...
  17. smudge

    Electric Cars - The Future?

    I assume you don't drive? ;) It's not for Facebook, more for work unfortunately. Stopping at the services and firing up the laptop or for reading emails on the go. (Reading, as in listening.) No offence taken at all, I don't have a Clio. :) I means no offence either, you've got a lovely...
  18. smudge

    Electric Cars - The Future?

    Presumably you travel for work? I think you work for the wrong company, mate. ;) Personally, I wouldn't spend c£70k on a car either.
  19. smudge

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    So basically, it's an Americanism of 'Cross Frame.' :p
  20. smudge

    Electric Cars - The Future?

    Haha, even the V6 one? Take your car as an example then, as lovely as it is, surely trips of more than 10 miles are less than pleasant? No wifi, no carplay, no spotify, no DSG, low driving position, high road noise, stiff suspension, no cruise control, no lane assist, no pre-sense, and more...