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    UK Merlin park guest figures through the years

    Apparently, when it opened, people saw the videos and thought it looked a bit slow.
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    Or are your turds roller coaster colour? That's the sign of a real enthusiast.
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    WDW Magic Kingdom: General Discussion

    To be fair, has Universal started on many new projects since Covid started? Possibly the Donkey Kong ride for Universal Japan. Often new parks are fairly quickly followed up by an expansion, for example Shanghai Disneyland had Toy Story Land and now Zootopia’s under construction. Do we know if...
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    The Queen dies, aged 96. The future of the monarchy

    I don't begrudge people feeling sad about the Queen's death, but the 'if you hate the royals' posts aren't respectful at all. They're taking someone's death and using it to whip up a culture war for purposes that are better known to themselves. When I die, I hope people grieve in a way that...
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    Cleverest uses of illusions within theme parks?

    This post if going to contain a few spoilers, as I'm going to name my illusions and then say how I think they're done. Giving a slightly more serious answer than my last post, I do think it's clever how Spider Man and Transformers keep the cars out of each other's sightlines. And on...
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    Cleverest uses of illusions within theme parks?

    I have absolutely no idea how they do it, but I've always been really impressed with Alton Tower's invisible giga coaster. It's probably my favourite ride there.
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    Cedar Point: General Discussion

    When you look at the cost of hydraulic coasters, we might still see them at the real world class parks, like Thorpe Park, but moving forward, we won't see them at places like Liseberg and Cedar Point.
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    Lightwater Valley

    As rob666 says. You also had the accident in 2001 that tragically killed a woman on the Treetops Twister. Would Lightwater Valley's trajectory have been different had the accident not happened? I honestly don't know enough about the park's finances and attendance to know, but it can't have helped.
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    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    To be fair, they're not giving out sweets like they used to. A few years ago, there was always a bloke at my local play area handing out sweets. For some reason he isn't there anymore.
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    Duel: The Haunted House Actually Strikes Back - Refurb Incoming

    Which is the other ride that uses it? Mack seemed to come up with a couple of good ride systems that were under used. Tomb Blaster's also comes to mind. Aside from Journey into the Imagination, was that used on anything else? In a way the Haunted House's ride system seemed to lay the grounds...
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    Paultons Park: General Discussion

    Can you imagine all the guests. "We heard you've built a new roundabout" "You drove around it on the way here" "What?"
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    It could be the first B&M without restraints. You just hold on and hope for the best.
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    Lightwater Valley

    I went to Lightwater Valley a couple of weeks ago and managed to get a ride on The Ultimate, but I seem to be very lucky with these things. I went to Phantasialand in March and managed to get a ride on Wuze Ball. Judging by the comments on here, both rides are closed a lot.
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    "Partygate" and UK politics general discussion

    I can see the arguments for an electoral pact, but it would have to be very 'public spirited' of the Greens, because that would mean almost all of their candidates standing aside. Unless it did lead to proportional representation, which would clearly benefit them in the long term.
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    It can't be very big if it's being built on the park map.
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    With rampant inflation and the fallout from Brexit, it's quite hard to know what you'd get for your money anyway now. £17 million sounds like a lot for Chessington, and significantly more than Zufari was quoted as. Over the last 20 years Chessington’s projects have been significantly cheaper...
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    Apparently Chessington hired a consultant to help them pick the rides, and he said that SBF Visa are actually really well engineered these days. I can't remember what the consultant was called, but he drives a yellow three wheeled van, if anyone knows who I mean.
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    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    Even if a park thought that a system was being overused/misused I think it’s very unlikely they’d ever publicly say so. Apart from anything else, saying that your disabled policy gets abused a lot would encourage other people to abuse it, and would make everyone who is using it get treated with...
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    This may be true, but most of Merlin's medium term development plans don't come to fruition. I'm sure Chessington have had a couple of medium term plans including a 4D cinema, and photos of a water coaster and an Intamin family launched coaster. In the past they've also talked about putting a...
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    The Great Squeeze: Cost of Living Crisis 2022

    It's really weird how people are poor. I can only assume that they weren't smart enough to buy shares in an oil company.