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    Oblivion: General Discussion

    Does twitter user Dean still frequent these forums? He’d love being quoted but surely want to be known as the Lifetime Pass Holder Dean?
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    Quick Questions

    Does anyone know what checks are done on your Blue Badge when you apply for a Ride Access Pass? I've finally got my Blue Badge but for some reason am worried about sending my BB number to them (i know it sounds irrational but i am). My badge due to Exceptional Circumstance was not required to...
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    Video project visit 17 May

    Hi all so tomorrow I am heading off to Towers for my own personal project. Basically I want to video a walk around the park from entry, all the way around back to Towers Street. I am doing this for my own benefit, I take great enjoyment in the noise and the sounds and sights of the park, so when...
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    What accent do you speak with?

    Very very common Yorkshire. Including Yorkshire languages a phrases. I used to work in a Call Centre type environment and my manager tried to reprimand me for not talking proper. Additionally I find the Welsh accent very very sexy. Like a lass could say anything with a Welsh accent and I’m...
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    Autism the thread

    I am fine with touching and hugging, even as you mention strangers doing it. However apparently I struggle to not be awkward when doing it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong for instance I have a niece. She is ten. I think the world of her. She will hug and high five or fist bump (encouraged the...
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    Worst song ever

    Curse you @IanB somehow them songs started playing and now I can’t view this page without daddy saying No. argh!
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    Autism the thread

    Thank you all for honest and prompt replies. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. To be honest I perhaps know a little more about DWP benefits than most due to my work. For instance I’ve just helped an appeal that got one of my service users over £6000 in PIP back payment. To be more honest if I was...
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    Autism the thread

    Morning everyone. I’ve been out of action for a while so just caught up on the thread. I’m proud of everyone for being so open and honest in discussing this subject. Can I ask those with autism a question? No judgement and if you don’t want to answer don’t feel pressure but. Do you claim...
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    TowersStreet COVID-19 Vaccine Poll

    I thought I’d share my experience of the AZ. Fully vaccinated (social worker so you’d expect that with me visiting people in their homes) no pressure from employer or Social Work England to get the jab whilst it was greatly encouraged. I was very impressed with the organisation - I was at...
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    Autism the thread

    Hey you Guys! So I’m guessing y’all will have seen a recent “news” article about a woman asked to leave Six Flags due to her shorts being too short? Well apparently this woman is autistic. Now I was reading about the story and a debate occurred in the comments beneath about whether the woman...
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    Cryptids and Cryptozoology

    I’ve been playing some Fallout 76 which has a Cryptid quest to hunt them down. I enjoy that both the Flatwoods Monster and Moth Man ((West Virginia Cryptids) feature heavily in the game. Whilst it the big mythological or supernatural Cryptids that get all the glory there is president for some...
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    Cryptids and Cryptozoology

    So I’ve developed a real interest in Cryptids/Cryptozoology. I thought it would be an interesting discussion and may lead to some informative television programmes also. So to clarify by Cryptid I mean an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated. this can include...
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    Football Discussion

    Wow Jose Mourinho just been sacked. Didn’t expect that just yet. End of season maybe but not now
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    Football Discussion

    I find it particularly galling that the clubs state they are “prepared” to keep playing in the domestic leagues. As if this is some kind of massive benevolent gesture on their part. Let them but relegate them to the bottom tier. Imagine playing Barcelona midweek and then away at Weston...
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    Theme Park Worldwide

    He’s certainly come a long way since the days of Sanbrooke Productions and when he broke his camera opening day on Battle Galleons and couldn’t film for the rest of the day.
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    Watched anything good lately?

    Has anyone recommended The Irregulars on Netflix? Only four episodes in so far but I’m loving it. Mixes some of my favourite concepts - Sherlock Holmes, alternative directions, supernatural happenings. All good
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    The Great ATR Waste of Space

    The decline isn’t sudden which is what upsets me. Take my former favourite F&B place. I used to start every visit with a trip to the coffee place at the bottom of Towers Street. nice cup of tea, bacon butty, friendly service and everything felt fresh. early 2010’s drink replaced by horrid stale...
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    The I Feel Down Topic.

    Just finished a meeting today. In order to protect the Council from the nature of the allegations (which are violent) I’m effectively on gardening leave. Estimated to only be one week to allow police investigation however last time was six months. Time to break out the season pass?
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    Towers Merch

    I always preferred the idea of “sit back, hold tight it’s fright time”
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    The I Feel Down Topic.

    @RoyJess thank you for your honesty and candour. im a Children’s social worker so understand what you’ve been through if only on a professional level at least in respect of your child. Sadly it’s not my first rodeo so I am blocking and keeping originals too appreciate the advice. I was stabbed...