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    Cuts 2015: How the consistency of the product is being eroded.

    It is different to late tussauds - and you can see that. We actually have entertainments again (didn't end of tussauds), they don't force as many sponsorships on you (and Qline tvs have gone), until last year rides opened fully (they didn't in tussauds era). The area food outlets have signage...
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    2015: General Discussion

    Overinflating gate figures is fraud. Understating gate figures aren't, because they're not representative of that much.
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    Cuts 2015: How the consistency of the product is being eroded.

    If you're considerably well-versed in business practices, then you'd know what Private Equity does. Which is not what you're saying. Add this to what they've already shown - trying to float previously, withdrew because of economic conditions, then consistently look to sell off regardless of how...
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    Cuts 2015: How the consistency of the product is being eroded.

    No they don't. They don't care what growth it's making, all they care about is making the maximum amount in the shortest time possible. I'd suggest reading a really good book by Robert Peston - Who runs britain...
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    Hopefully they'll remove the wrapping - Black Mamba has some on their supports within the building on the lifthill. Annoyingly it can make a lasting impression!
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    Cuts 2015: How the consistency of the product is being eroded.

    Someone doesn't understand what Private Equity does :). They buy a company that they think they can make value of - they cut spending or increase value in other ways (by adding more to it's portfolio, for instance), then they sell it at a huge profit. They have a huge profit awaiting, they're...
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    The Great Parking Debate

    Not entirely sure why people think the park would increase the parking to £7 yet. £6 is costly enough, and is already an issue, so they really won't add this with issues. Plus, the whole investment in parking machines is irritating too. Did anyone try and actually use the machines or get...
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    2015: General Discussion

    Blade is in a perfect condition, they spent some money on it over winter apparently. Be good if another park does want to buy it really, even if it is old.
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    Legoland Windsor

    I stand corrected. Thank you for the insight, lego fan!
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    2015: Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure

    Still not entirely sure what this 'gap' is that they're filling. The ride is minimum 0.9m, so they have Runaway Mine (though it's nice to add another coaster..)
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    Legoland Windsor

    Upsets me in these times of 'gender neutral' toys for lego to be going so blatantly 'girly'. Feels like they've hit it off about 10 years too late there (not that lego had 'girly' toys 10 years ago..)
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    2015: General Discussion

    Towers doesn't do zero hour contracts. They're all on guaranteed (albeit potentially low) hours. Booking in advance is a great way to help determine budgets and ride openings etc. However I don't believe this is the best way to go about it at all.
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    Nah they changed that last year with their new Accesso Passport system - you could book tickets on the day at the online rate, and enter using the barcode on your mobile. Unless they've changed that this year, but I can't find any wording stating that on the website. In other news, thorpe...
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    You can turn up on the day, and pay on your mobile (online) to get the online rate however. Won't suit everyone, but can help some.
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    They do run like they're not owning Theme Parks. Unfortunately, they are owning theme parks. And therefore they're awful. Still, could be worse. Could be run by Aspro..
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    Time for All Inclusive?

    I agree they need to do an all inclusive package - I feel the thirst for packages would be far greater if they did a "xyz for £x per person" during offpeak. Peak may have to be different, as they love their supply and demand model (naturally, we're in the UK), but for offpeak it'll certainly...
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    PortAventura: General Discussion

    Compared to Alton's big 6 fastrack at £35 (£6 each - it's genuinely the same price as paying all rides separately now). Towers pricing is spot on, PA is ridiculous.
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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    Chessington suffers from the traffic issues which leads to planning being rejected - same as LLW. It also gets the issue with noise, but with technology advances etc that's the easiest thing to get around. Usually most of the rejections are purely down to increasing of traffic. I still don't...
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    Food & Beverage 2015

    All the leaves are brroowwwnnn, and the meat was greyyyyyy. Perfect song there! (I've been for a waaalkk... to the nearest BK). This could go on forever...
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    2015: Alton Towers Enchanted Village

    Check in is 3pm as per everything - don't take the Guide (to give you an idea of how to spend your time) as the actual bloody thing. You can visit the Spa/Waterpark/Theme Park on any other day y'know. They have seemingly cleared up the Public Footpaths leading around the site too. I wonder if...