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  1. AliceHL91

    2019: General Discussion

    @jon81uk I think there's one in York too so still plenty of options for people to choose from if it does go. I think the Blackpool tower one is much better anyways
  2. AliceHL91

    Alton Towers Souvenir Guide 1987

    Henry hound's rap is still 100% better than the mumble rap we have these days :D
  3. AliceHL91

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    We went on it in the middle of October and although we got changed after, it took me all day to get warm again despite having the heating on full blast :D
  4. AliceHL91

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    Problem is I don't like carrying bags/backpacks with me on park. I just put the few things I need i.e keys, wallet, phone in my coat pocket and I'm good to go. I personally feel bags are cumbersome on park and get in the way plus there is risk of loss/theft as I am very forgetful. I would use...
  5. AliceHL91

    Drayton Manor Park - Splash Canyon Incident

    I think part of the problem is that the public (especially kids on school trips) seem to feel invincible at theme parks, as if there is no way any harm could come to them. Thus all the principles of common sense fly out the window and there's a sort of "anything goes" mentality. Parks are...
  6. AliceHL91

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    I agree it's unlikely they'd make a statement before next season for fear of losing more revenue. More likely they'll notify people when they arrive that it's not operating which I'd imagine will disappoint a fair few people. I'll be behind them whatever they choose to do since they're a small...
  7. AliceHL91

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    I've tried multiple ways of not getting soaked including different types of waterproof clothing. But with the sheer volume of water bombarding you it always manages to find it's way in somehow and seems pretty much like a pointless task. I can liken it to lowering yourself into a bath fully...
  8. AliceHL91

    Scarefest 2020

    Project 42 is awful and needs to go. In my opinion Sub Species is the only maze worth visiting in the £20 combi ticket since Altonville Mines has also been going downhill each year since opening, and I refused to buy the ticket on that principal. It's just dragging the other two's dead weight. I...
  9. AliceHL91

    Media Coverage of Alton Towers

    Yep let's all strive to be the most insensitive assholes. Such a fantastic life skill
  10. AliceHL91

    Media Coverage of Alton Towers

    Amen to that! I'm hoping they aren't actually from Nottingham. City has a bad rep as it is.
  11. AliceHL91

    Media Coverage of Alton Towers

    I can't believe some people on here. Smh
  12. AliceHL91

    Drayton Manor Park

    I wouldn't queue that long but I do like it
  13. AliceHL91

    Media Coverage of Alton Towers

    This was on my local news takes some skill to be such trashy people. Joe Pugh also tweeted his disgust about it
  14. AliceHL91

    2016: The Smiler Reopening

    And it smells awful
  15. AliceHL91

    Scarefest 2016

    I hate the aliens
  16. AliceHL91

    Scarefest 2016

    It wouldn't be fair otherwise
  17. AliceHL91

    Alton Towers Dreams

    I had one ages ago where the park looked really accurate except for some reason I couldn't see any rides from their queue lines. Anyway we got in first thing really excited and got in the queue for oblivion. We were in the queue for about an hour and a half/2 hours and I was already getting...
  18. AliceHL91

    Fear of rides - Alton Towers

    My honest advice. Don't think about it. Keep your mind occupied in the queue, when you get on and sit down think about how much fun you're about to have and how you'll be able to share your experience with others after. Tbh I'm probably not much help as I'm an idiot and will strap myself into...
  19. AliceHL91

    Hex - If and when will it return

    You would have thought they'd have learnt their lesson from Galactica and Derren Browns ghost train. Geez :banghead: