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  1. KingNemesis

    Walt Disney World: Non-Theme Park Discussion

    Honestly, the Fastpass+ system was a good free perk, however, in reality, the inclusivity of it all lead to longer wait times overall. Hopefully, the "exclusivity" of the Lighting Lanes should reduce wait times, especially for those popular rides not included on the $15 Genie+ (although I guess...
  2. KingNemesis

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    It's almost like they want to look like angels to park management... I've also seen a lot of stuff like "An absolutely great day" only to see that that is referring to having fun with the company they were with which seems a very odd way of reviewing a day. It's like saying I was stuck in a...
  3. KingNemesis

    2019: Europa-Park General Discussion

    Nope, Still German only so you need to pay a lot of attention.
  4. KingNemesis

    2019: Rulantica

    It's a real inconvenience... ;)
  5. KingNemesis

    2019: Rulantica

    Darn, was hoping to hopefully get into Rulantica when I visit Mid-October, guess it is just an excuse for ANOTHER return visit.
  6. KingNemesis

    What is it that everyone who's visited likes so much about Europa Park?

    It's not so much about the rides at Europa Park in my opinion... It's about the atmosphere. Everything is perfected, it's basically like the Mack family watched Jurassic Park and can remember only one phrase, "Spared No Expense" and use that as gospel for every single project they take on. It...
  7. KingNemesis

    2018: General Discussion

    Looking up at the sky.
  8. KingNemesis

    Ever had a "grey out" on a roller coaster?

    Yep... same here... Also occasionally have slight moments on Nemesis, usually back right seat although not as severe.
  9. KingNemesis

    2018: Eurosat Can Can Coaster / Madame Freudenreich Curiosités

    Absolutely crazy... Shame as was interested to see the inside for myself when I visit next month, however, I guess it is just another reason to go back next year!
  10. KingNemesis

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

  11. KingNemesis

    Trip Planning 2022: Information, advice and questions!

    Thanks both! It seems like the apartment may be able to sort us out however I know with most of the apartments they are very self-sustained and often have no one on site. I'll get in touch with Europa Park and see what options they have and then work out what is best closer to the time.
  12. KingNemesis

    Trip Planning 2022: Information, advice and questions!

    Should hopefully be a quick one but... What is the locker situation like at EP? Visited earlier in the year and can't remember seeing lockers? The reason I ask is that we are visiting for Traumatica and our apartment's check in is from 5pm and we are getting there earlier so in the eventuality...
  13. KingNemesis

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    They POTENTIALLY stole this idea from Fantasy Island though... So let's not give them all the credit ;) They did this last year to advertise one of the scare mazes as part of the "Fear Island" event...
  14. KingNemesis

    Liseberg: General Discussion

    You float at points throughout. They are the new style vests that don't lock so you do feel surprisingly free.
  15. KingNemesis

    Theme Park Worldwide

    Fair enough haha! I thought as much but as it is the TPWW thread I assumed it was contextual.
  16. KingNemesis

    Theme Park Worldwide

    True... But Shawn does criticise if that is what you are referring to? He gives the negatives in a positive way. "We didn't enjoy [experience] because of X, I think it could be improved by Y but [this part of experience] was great fun!"
  17. KingNemesis

    Theme Park Worldwide

    I get about 10 minutes into Andy's videos and give up because of the excessive moaning. Almost like he doesn't enjoy being there himself... Why vlog if you are going to be negative about every detail
  18. KingNemesis

    Heide Park

    Visited the park on Friday and got a few photos of the work taking place:
  19. KingNemesis

    Liseberg: General Discussion

    From the email sent last night from the ECC, it looks like the opening event of Valkyria could be the 10th August. Going to wait for the park to make an official announcement before I get my hopes up too much though...
  20. KingNemesis

    Quick Questions

    I and a large group went down the woodland walk for Galactica opening day with our MAP's. The guy didn't seem to care at all however that was before Cbeebies Land Hotel so the policy could have possibly changed.