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  1. RicketyCricket

    When were you last scared on a ride ?

    Great shout, wish there were more of these tbh. One of my favourite Disney rides.
  2. RicketyCricket

    When were you last scared on a ride ?

    Probably Summit Plummet at Blizard Beach if that counts. Was absolutely bricking it. I'm OK with heights but at the top you have to shuffle your body forwards towards the drop and it's so steep you can't even see the slide. You're essentially edging yourself off a cliff. Just look at it o_O
  3. RicketyCricket

    Thorpe Park 2023/2024: New Major Roller Coaster

    It's an interesting point @Matt N Skyrush is a great example to compare to Exodus. It is a short coaster but it's so good it doesn't matter. Every element delivers. Exodus could be similar, I think we could be looking at one of the best ever first drops that could deliver serious ejector air...
  4. RicketyCricket

    Universal Studios/IOA Orlando: General Discussion

    Looks like Hulk took a bit of a pasting too... From:
  5. RicketyCricket

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Have also ridden all three of those and I couldn't disagree more. All of those crap on The Big One from an absolutely massive height. Even if you take away the airtime advantage, Nitro in particular is 10 x more intense and forceful than The Big One. The only positive I can think of is the...
  6. RicketyCricket

    Ride/Park Accidents

    That's a shame, would be cool in this day and age if it was still a total secret! Wonder if there have been any sneaky POVs on YouTube but Phannyland have had them removed.
  7. RicketyCricket

    Ride/Park Accidents

    Just checked youtube and there's not a single POV of FLY out there. That's pretty impressive considering it's been open a couple of years now.
  8. RicketyCricket

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Tbf Galatica was advertised like a brand new attraction. I understand adding VR is more substantial to a ride experience than a re-tracking, but we all know Merlin won't spend money on something that doesn't immediately benefit them financially.
  9. RicketyCricket

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Loving that announcement. The first step in a long term marketing plan for the eventual resurrection. If they're forking out for retracking they will want maximum possible return on investment. Let's not forget Vick Narney himself was key to the 1994 advertising campaign. Maybe he's had some...
  10. RicketyCricket

    The Queen dies, aged 96. The future of the monarchy

    Joined the queue yesterday at 12.30 and was out by 23.30, got home an hour or so later. I'm not a royalist and didn't feel particularly emotional about the Queen dying. I woke up yesterday morning with nothing planned and decided to go and witness history. The first half was brilliant and...
  11. RicketyCricket

    2022: General Discussion

    That's down to the staff surely? The issue was IIRC they'd often wait til the train is loaded and then hurry a single rider through. If they batch them in sensibly it would work fine. The main issue was congestion on the exit ramp with RAP I believe.
  12. RicketyCricket

    The Queen dies, aged 96. The future of the monarchy

    Size of that cattle pen! Giving me Spanish Shambhala queue jumper fear.
  13. RicketyCricket

    The I Feel Down Topic.

    @Matt N have you considered bulk lessons? I done 20 hours over a couple of weeks and it really helped becauE you're constantly driving.
  14. RicketyCricket

    Travellers Day Scarefest

    It's a bit more tricky at Thorpe as there are a lot of Traveller communities in the local area. Not sure what it's like these days but it used to be pretty much every Sunday at Fright Nights. One year our ghost walk down the CCR track was interuppted by them hopping over the Monks Walk fence.
  15. RicketyCricket

    The Queen dies, aged 96. The future of the monarchy

    Just catching up on the last few pages and @Matt N 's mourners per hour is one of the best things I've ever seen.
  16. RicketyCricket

    Theme Park Worldwide

    Just checked OK Magazine. Nothing in there yet.
  17. RicketyCricket

    Travellers Day Scarefest

    Thanks for the heads up, forgot this was a thing. Doubt we will get a confirmed date so just have to hope for the best. Such a waste of space some of these people. They exist to make others lives a misery.
  18. RicketyCricket

    Will Disney always remain the top dog of the theme park industry?

    Whilst the Disney enthusiast committee is probably the most vocal in the world - its also the most irrelevant. In the last few years they've acquired Marvel and Star Wars and these alone will keep guests coming for decades. Then you've got hit films like Encanto growing the power of the brand...
  19. RicketyCricket

    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    If capacity is reduced they seriously shouldn't be selling Fastrack on Saw. That queue is painful enough at the best of times.
  20. RicketyCricket

    Project Horizon: Public Consultation on New Attraction

    End scene with a Attenborough brothers Gladiator duel?