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  1. Cheese

    Icon or Blue Fire?

    Correct or not, it seems feasible - even late in the day Icon feels like it's running slower than intended. Turning up the launch power of course wouldn't solve the other significant issue with Icon, which is the poor pacing. Firing off both inversions in quick succession and following them up...
  2. Cheese

    Parks that require a lot of walking

    Not the most obvious place to mention here perhaps, especially as it's really a zoo that happens to have a couple of park areas, but Kolmården comes to mind for me. It isn't just vast, it's seemingly built across the top of a number of hills, making it a very strenuous day out (especially if you...
  3. Cheese

    Marmite; love it or hate it?

    I have strong opinions on many things, but I quite like that I'm largely indifferent to Marmite and rarely bother with it as a result. When I do have it though I agree with this; I'll eat Marmite sandwiches, albeit without any enthusiasm, but a nice thin layer on generously buttered toast from...
  4. Cheese

    Efteling: General Discussion

    I agree that a park of Efteling's size ought to have some more practical in-park transport, but I feel like there's got to be potential for improvement to the way the railway's run, even with the numerous impracticalities of using genuine steam locos in a theme park compared to, say, EP's Chance...
  5. Cheese

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    My expectations were low to start with when Rowe mentioned this earlier, Chessington being Chessington and all, but having seen the images on the consultation page since for me this a case of "I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed." There's not much to go on yet admittedly but I think...
  6. Cheese

    Gröna Lund: General Discussion

    The video seemed to want to make a big thing of the roar at the end there, but there's not much of one to speak of. Presumably being in the middle of a city it's packed with sand to avoid winding up the park's neighbours. It looks fine, frankly. Probably good fun and a decent addition to the...
  7. Cheese

    Highest throughput coasters in the world outside of Disney and Universal?

    No doubt Pluk you or someone else will remind me of what should be an obvious example, but I'm struggling to think of any coasters doing this other than Maurer spinners. In the case of those I think it's more about trying to improve the efficiency of an inherently low capacity ride type. I doubt...
  8. Cheese

    Lightwater Valley

    Brean Leisure Park (well, they call themselves Brean Theme Park now; hmm...) have one called Wipeout. I imagine there might also be some on the fair circuit, though Freak Outs are probably more likely for that. The news from Lightwater just keeps getting worse doesn't it? It's so sad to think...
  9. Cheese

    Name a song that mentions Theme Parks, Rollercoasters or the like

    I don't think there are many songs referring to specific parks or coasters, probably because very few of them are famous enough to reach near-universal cultural awareness. However, 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On' by Franz Ferdinand is an exception, making reference to the Coney Island Cyclone. "But...
  10. Cheese

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    Pure evil. I got two fairly easily and identified another two without too much trouble, but one of them is currently evading me. Am I allowed to submit what I have and come back to it? :)
  11. Cheese

    US Election 2020; what are your thoughts?

    Thank goodness. Well, as long as minimal spanners get thrown in the works now.
  12. Cheese

    Best coaster for airtime in the UK?

    Nobody's mentioned the Ultimate yet. Airtime certainly isn't its most memorable quality, particularly as you don't get many hills relative to the length of the ride experience. However, the hills after the first lift hill give surprisingly good airtime, and there's an especially brutal moment on...
  13. Cheese

    2020: General Discussion

    On our ride on Nemesis yesterday there was a bit of shake through the wheelset, most noticeably dropping into the bottom of the pit for the loop. It happens occasionally and I could tell we'd get it as soon as we left the station. I suspect it's specific to individual cars, maybe even certain...
  14. Cheese

    2020: Piraten in Batavia

    Yep, I completely agree Dan. Old Batavia was very open to its detriment, and never really had an 'outside at night' feel. It was more of a 'look how much more of this big shed you've got left to float through' feel, mostly because a fair chunk of it took place in one room that I'm pretty sure...
  15. Cheese

    The Smiler - General Discussion

    Nope. There's no comparison between nice comfy B&M hyper clamshells and Gerstlauer from-the-shoulder lap restraints in either design or comfort. Like I said the other day: ---- It seems unlikely. Dan made a good point to start from: To give you one example of where the difference lies...
  16. Cheese

    The Smiler - General Discussion

    You must be keen. I saw that original double please! I might give another one a go soon (I got part way towards it with my post on Taron here). With this I was trying to capture something of the spirit of the reviews on Coaster Kingdom, which was a site I read quite a lot of before I was even...
  17. Cheese

    The Smiler - General Discussion

    I shall describe the experience as accurately as possible. I'll warn you now that not everything will be positive, but bear with me. Your experience begins in the poorly drained (and hence usually filthy) concrete pit, penned in by wire mesh and with the soundtrack blaring at you. It goes...
  18. Cheese

    TST Pub Quiz: Sat 4th April 2020

    Like everyone else I had a great time last night and would like to echo the thanks already given to Rowe and Tom. The standard of production, variety of questions and surprise guest appearance were absolutely fantastic. The difficulty level was pretty high but seemed well judged to me - I was...
  19. Cheese

    Efteling: General Discussion

    This actually strikes me as a very sensible approach to providing introductory coasters for the youngest (and in particular least able to queue) visitors in a busy park. One Mack powered coaster probably has a better throughput than most kids' coasters on its own, and the super smooth track...
  20. Cheese

    2020: Piraten in Batavia

    That's a bit dramatic, but you certainly did have to plan around the show times when you wanted to eat there, so no daytime shows is definitely good news.