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  1. J

    Do you think they will get rid of nemesis and air in the next 2 years?

    If the park are still hanging on to the likes of the Blade and Flume, I can't see a top class coaster going anywhere soon.
  2. J

    The Smiler - General Discussion

    With regards headbanging, it must be a train issue again, as I thought I had one of the best rides ever the other Monday. The restraints really are smelly this season. Mine reeked of antiseptic for the most part.
  3. J

    Drayton Manor Park

    This must surely have something to do with construction of the new ride. Maybe a power cable or similar has been damaged, you never know. Oh well, I'm hardly complaining ;)
  4. J

    Best "non-ride attractions" at theme parks?

    I'm going to be a bit different here and say the gardens at Alton. They're stunning! I could easily spend a day alone just wandering around and taking everything in.
  5. J

    Drayton Manor Park

    You have to admit, so far the themeing looks pretty good. I take it the queueline will run through the shelter area?
  6. J

    Alton Towers Buses 2014

    Re: Alton towers busses not on there website? What a joke! It almost makes me wonder if this is some deliberate ploy to encourage people to drive to the park and fork out the £6 parking fee.
  7. J

    Drayton Manor Park

    Great news! Drayton has needed a new thrill flat for a while, and this is just perfect. Roll on summer!
  8. J

    Updated aerial images on Google maps

    Ah OK. Didn't think to look there :)
  9. J

    Updated aerial images on Google maps

    Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere else, but I've noticed that both the Smiler and Th13teen are now visible on Google Earth/maps: Link. Shame about the crane that's visible in X Sector ;)
  10. J

    Best way to get to Alton Towers from Stoke-on-Trent

    There are plenty of buses between Uttoxeter station and the resort, but you just need to be careful, as First do have reliability issues. Stoke is just as easy! The stop is right across the road from the station, and the official AT bus picks you up at 9.27am during the week. It doesn't look...
  11. J

    The I Feel Down Topic.

    Aww, thanks Josh. I really haven't had much success with men and relationships lately. I feel gutted tonight, but know it was the right decision to make...
  12. J

    The I Feel Down Topic.

    I ended my relationship last night. I feel much better about everything, but obviously quite down, too. I still love this person so much, but what I can't do is the whole long distance thing. I stupidly got involved with this guy back in July, knowing full well he'd soon be living on the other...
  13. J

    Share Your Pics

    Cheers Diogo! I'll admit this ride is actually based on Mystery Mine ;)
  14. J

    Share Your Pics

    A Smiler-esque eurofighter ;)
  15. J

    Your favourite Ride Manufacturer

    Intamin for me. It's the fact that they're so versatile and manufacture a large number of different attractions.
  16. J

    Nearby Hotels and B&B's

    I recommend the Malthouse in Alton village. The couple that run it are absolutely lovely and the rooms are really cosy. Stayed there the last two years for Scarfest, and can't rate the place highly enough.
  17. J

    The I Feel Down Topic.

    To all those who feel they'll never find love - be patient, it'll happen! People used to tell me that love would come looking for me when I least expect it. I never used to believe in that, but it happened. There's someone out there for everyone. Don't give up!
  18. J

    Most Missed Rides

    The Alton Beast! It was my first ever real roller coaster and I loved it to bits. Wild in places, but fun...and nowhere near as daunting as the Thunder Looper.
  19. J

    The I Feel Down Topic.

    I don't usually post in these sort of topics, but I honestly don't feel I have anywhere to say this stuff any more. I'm extremely down, and have been for weeks now. What started as feeling sad but hopeful has now morphed into something which feels dark and despairing. I try hard to stay with...
  20. J

    The Smiler Merchandise

    Two T Shirts and a generic mug with the logo (from Scarefest 2012).