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  1. Brad97

    WDW Magic Kingdom: General Discussion

    Personally I see little appeal in Disney when considering going to Florida, especially when you factor the price in.
  2. Brad97

    Cedar Point: General Discussion

    I'm not really surprised given that TTD has been problematic for years, but still a shame. Was on my bucket list for sure. It does sound like they're not completely removing it though. New launch system and new theme maybe?
  3. Brad97

    Busch Gardens Tampa: General Discussion

    The old Rhino Rally site, near Cheetah Hunt.
  4. Brad97

    Knott's Berry Farm: General Discussion

    Why didn't they go with Gerstlauer like Psyke Underground? Seems the better choice to me.
  5. Brad97

    What ride types would make up your ultimate one-two punch?

    Intamin Blitz and a RMC hyper I-Box. I think these are the best two coaster types that are being built currently.
  6. Brad97

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    If only.
  7. Brad97

    Busch Gardens Tampa: General Discussion

    Is the Screamin' Swing still planned for 2023? Haven't heard anything for a while.
  8. Brad97

    The Retrosquad: General Discussion

    I've ridden SpinJam as Air Raid at Hull Fair a few years ago. It was running a good cycle, very intense.
  9. Brad97

    Universal's Epic Universe - New Florida Theme Park

    I assume Intamin still use the old style for lower thrill coasters.
  10. Brad97

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    A 4D Free Spin would be unique in Europe. I think it would have to be the smaller model to fit in X Sector though.
  11. Brad97

    Shoutbox message

    I'm in Bulgaria right now and there's a Pinfari looper here which according to RCDB is Gauntlet that was at Camelot. Haven't seen it operating though, probably not missing much.
  12. Brad97

    Happy 10th Birthday TowersStreet!

    I've been lurking since The Smiler was being built, but I finally made an account in 2015. Hard to believe its been nearly 10 years since I first started visiting!
  13. Brad97

    Future of the Congo River Rapids

    Maybe they could get new boats like the ones on Splash Canyon?
  14. Brad97

    Shoutbox message

    According to reviews it's a lot better with the new trains.
  15. Brad97

    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    About 7 on Sheikra in 2009. It had rained for most of the day and the park was empty by the end of the day.
  16. Brad97

    Toilets - A bit of a dump

    I'm also not fussed about hot water in toilets. As long as I can wash my hands I'm good.
  17. Brad97

    2023/4: Mack BigDipper

    Think it's missing the turntable and swing launch isn't it?
  18. Brad97

    Parc Astérix: General Discussion

    Tonnerre 2 Zeus opened today: Looks like an improvement to me.
  19. Brad97

    The Retrosquad: General Discussion

    I've ridden Spinjam as Air Raid at Hull Fair a few years ago, it's definitely an intense ride. Not for everyone and I imagine it will surprise a lot of people.