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  1. Scott

    2021: General Discussion

    This is bonkers! I get the idea of needing more capacity, especially so with social distancing and indoor rides closed. I also get that the park is in sore need of flats and filler attractions after so many have been ripped out and not replaced. However, it is a sorry state of affairs that...
  2. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    How have we reached the depths of closed season discussion so early on...
  3. Scott

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    I always assumed the ‘unsafe woody’ thoughts were somewhat stemmed from the fact we had next to no modern woodies in the UK and thus most people’s perceptions of them were based around the old rickety seaside woodies around the country. Of course it may have just been late Tussauds/early...
  4. Scott

    Legoland Windsor

    Shame the exterior is god awful in comparison...
  5. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    I really hope they do manage to bring it back to life - even if it’s with no baggage hold and nobody in the end mini maze. It just adds something else to do and it’s indoors! Will be needed if visitor numbers continue to pick up and even more sorely if (as mentioned above) Blade can’t make it...
  6. Scott

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    Sure you’re talking about Blackpool Pleasure Beach? ;)
  7. Scott

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    In what planet are they on where they believe that they can keep building accommodation without the facilities to match it! It’s all very well constantly expanding the choices to stay in (and those lodges do look nice) but it’s absolutely pointless when they end up pushing the current...
  8. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

  9. Scott

    London Entertainment Resort: All Discussion

    We might eventually see a planning application by 2024... ...but it’ll more likely be for a travelodge and a greggs rather than a full blown theme park resort.
  10. Scott

    Quick Questions

    Most merch can get reused for next season. Stuff that was discontinued was reduced on park and on resort at the end of the season.
  11. Scott

    Little Changes: What would you do?

    There’s not a chance Merlin would introduce a free locker solution like Universal. They’d be chargeable like SeaWorld/Busch.
  12. Scott

    Little Changes: What would you do?

    There’s plenty of big things that could be done but in terms of simple changes at a minimum... - restore the baggage holds - restore SRQ - open more F&B outlets across the park - sort out the rapids - give the monorail some TLC - reopen sub terra - scrap staggered openings and have an hour of ERT
  13. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    If increased guest numbers continue into 2019 then anything to speed throughput up has to be looked at with urgency. Potentially stupid question (I couldn’t work it out at the weekend) but is The Smiler still running on a reduced capacity since the accident? Even if so, the queues were...
  14. Scott

    General Hotel Discussion

  15. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    The only plus of the new cages is there is very obvious CCTV on both of them. Whether that deters anyone or not is another matter but at least it’s very visible with the screens.
  16. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    Adding a new baggage hold to Galactica isn’t exactly a priority though... getting the ones we already have reopen is!
  17. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    Guys, this could go round and round in circles. If we wish to debate the pros and cons of RAP there’s a thread for it as has been pointed out above. If not can we get back to the topic in hand. I think it’s fairly clear there was a misunderstanding of what was meant in an original post - we...
  18. Scott

    General Hotel Discussion

    Very poor. Yes Splash is the cheaper hotel but its still deserving of the same breakfast that they serve in ATH. Gives off a bad impression to guests.
  19. Scott

    2019: General Discussion

    I’d much rather such a product is hideously over priced than priced reasonably. Fastrack is the only thing that (if it isn’t free) should be priced stupidly. The higher the price, the more people will hopefully be dissuaded from buying!