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    Your Top Ten Coasters

    Well I certainly didn’t find it intense. Fun, yes. Intense, no.
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    Your Top Ten Coasters

    It also depends where you draw the line between what is a family coaster and what is a thrill. I see Wicker Man and Twisted Colossus in lots of peoples top 10s, and both of these I would class very much as family coasters with universal appeal, as opposed to high intensity thrill coasters...
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    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park

    It was a very nice surprise to find the Reverchon there when I visited at the weekend. A very unexpected surprise.
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    50 European Coasters

    Furius Baco. Say what you like about it, but it’s a memorable coaster for all who ride it.
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    Your Top Ten Coasters

    Not sure where I’d slot Poland’s coasters into my top 10, now that I’ve finally been, but I think Hyperion and possibly Zadra would make an appearance. Ranking Poland’s three big boys in order of my preference, I’d say: 1. Hyperion 2. Zadra 3. Lech Coaster
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    I’ve never really thought of Zadra and Stealth as hyper coasters. Yes they go over 200ft, but are they actually what you’d think of as hyper coasters? I’d agree that all of the coasters you’ve listed (with the possible exception of Silver Star) are superior to PMBO and there are plenty of...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Yes. Ji Jiang Action Park in Shanghai, China does this.
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    Health and Safety updates will have something to do with this. Back in the 00s and early 2010 years, they’d regularly hit their target throughputs on most rides. Swarm and Inferno in particular would often exceed their capabilities. Since Smiler, throughputs have taken a back seat and this has...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    So if Friday night was empty, as unpopular as this might be, were BPB right to have have moved away from late opening times all along?
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    A total waste of investment, what their thinking was behind that one I’ll never know. They should have spent the money keeping Slammer running if you ask me! :p
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    Phantasialand: The irregularities and irritations of one of Europe's best parks

    Out of interest, have operations got worse at Phantasialand in recent years? It certainly sounds like it. My last visit was in August 2020 and Taron was running 4 trains. Hearing of one train operation in the summer months this year is quite surprising, even for a park like Phantasialand...
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    Drayton Manor Park

    The fact that Shockwave’s station was painted isn’t in any way a sign that the ride will be staying. Their plan could be to remove the coaster but keep the station building for other purposes. It could even be used as a station for a potential new coaster.
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    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    It’s weird because PL actually has very good operations on the rides themselves. But the general park and resort operation is just messy.
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Up until about 3 years ago, I’d have said the same, and this is exactly why I always used to stick up for BPB. The problem now however, is that the operations have become so poor that I can’t even defend the park, and for someone who’s always loved the place, that is quite a big deal. My last...
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    Park Hours: Updates and Discussion

    The last week of the school summer holidays is typically extremely busy. For them only to be extending to 6:30 when last year the park closed at 7pm for the entire summer is pretty insufficient really. I’ve never been a fan of on-the-day extensions anyway, since most guests don’t know about them...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    It’s all about finding the balance. I think it’s right that they maintain some of the classics, but I hear people still mourning for the turtle chase, the whip, goldmine and log flume, but the reality is that most of the public aren’t bothered about being in a heritage park full of classics, and...
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    PortAventura: General Discussion

    I mean, I obviously meant it to be tongue in cheek, with nods to how people were criticising Red Force (I’m purely talking about the coaster here, not the rest of Ferrari Land) ages before it opened, long before operations even came anywhere near the coaster. If the same coaster had been...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    I can’t imagine staffing the place would be a huge problem, as many others seaside amusement parks as well as inland theme parks only open on weekends in school term time and seem to get enough staff to have everything open. I think this is now the only way forward for term time. Open 4-10pm on...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    I know that some people in this forum like to visit the park on weekdays when it’s empty, but surely now (much as I hate to say it), the park has reached the point where it needs to be closed Monday to Thursday during term time, maybe with just a 4pm-10pm opening on Fridays, in order to allow...