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  1. AndrewH

    How Busy?

    Hi guys I'm looking at visiting on either Sunday the 9th of June or Monday the 10th. The park is open an hour longer on the Sunday but I'm guessing it'll be quieter on the Monday which would you recommend?
  2. AndrewH

    The iPhone Thread

    Is it just me or does that sound a lot like the Samsung galaxy s8 o_O
  3. AndrewH

    2017: General Discussion

    What they have done is not in the "best interest" of us under 18s though is it. It is mearly an attempt to cover there own back sides. An 18 year old limit is so ridiculous it is unbelievable I could drive to the park with my wife and child after getting off duty from serving in the military go...
  4. AndrewH

    M&D's Incident June 2016

    IIRC It was a contractor safety "expert" who got charged with criminal negligence after he signed off on the ride without even looking at it. Might be talking out my arse so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. AndrewH

    Drayton Manor Park - Splash Canyon Incident

    What's life without a little risk though? Yes what happened was tragic but you can't make everything 100% safe. At my work we were told before we started not to lift anything that was too heavy and are told everytime we get trained. If I injure myself through lifting at work then it would be...
  6. AndrewH

    Drayton Manor Park - Splash Canyon Incident

    Adding something you can't get out of to a boat is never a good idea. My thoughts go out to everyone involved :(
  7. AndrewH

    The 2017 General Election

    I agree on this but in my opinion the way the torys are going about reducing the deficit is wrong. The best way in my opinion is to stimulate the economy by some a medium increase in spending which then brings more back in through more tax being paid thus reducing the deficit. Although money...
  8. AndrewH

    The 2017 General Election

    I don't see how anyone can see a privatised healthcare system as better? Just look at America working class person who works hard and pays her taxes gets cancer. They have been paying health insurance for years but that counts for bugger all as they have to pay a large proportion of there own...
  9. AndrewH

    The 2017 General Election

    Yes it's opportunist but every good politician is opportunistic. I don't like it but it sure as hell is going to make her brexit negotiation far easier with almost no opposition (if you can call the Labour party opposition just now). One could argue this is only fair since literally no one...
  10. AndrewH

    Trip Planning 2022: Information, advice and questions!

    Okay thank you @Burbs and @AstroDan :)
  11. AndrewH

    Trip Planning 2022: Information, advice and questions!

    Sorry this has probably been asked before but am I right in thinking there is a 3 day ticket for Europa? And does anyone know how much it costs? Thanks :)
  12. AndrewH

    The most unforgivable thing...

    Allowing The Smiler accident to happen has to be the most unforgivable thing for me. The very minimum I expect from any park is ensuring safety. They cut corners in the training of technicians and put pressure on them to get rides back up with big red counting clocks and bonuses. This is totally...
  13. AndrewH

    2017: General Discussion

    Living in Scotland it would take me longer to get there than the park would be open....
  14. AndrewH

    The Smiler Incident - What Happened

    As when the train is entering a block it is essential that it triggers the sensor so if either is triggered it must show as occupied. When leaving the block it is vitally important that the train definitely exits that block hence the requirement for both sensors to be triggered to ensure it has...
  15. AndrewH

    February Half Term 2017

    But this is an event for hotel guests only. In my eyes a map is only equivalent to an on the day ticket so if I, a none map holder, can't turn up and go for the day then why should you? All that you are missing out on that is open is sharkbait reef is it all that bad? When you bought your map...
  16. AndrewH

    Layout Geek League 2016-17

    Senzafiato Miragica?
  17. AndrewH

    Alton Towers 2017 - Wishlist

    To be fair first time I went to the park I had a little difficulty finding nemesis`s entrance as it isn't sign posted all that well :oops:
  18. AndrewH

    2016: General Discussion

    Much as it is frustrating I don't see what they can really do about it. for saftey reasons they can't have too many people in park
  19. AndrewH

    Drayton Manor Park

    Well if you have a source for this revelation then fair enough but you saying that because there is a a sign and the park say so doesn't make it true. Alton claim they are doing loads of TLC but in reality they aren't. They will say whatever to keep something a secrete. I'm not being...
  20. AndrewH

    Drayton Manor Park

    Alton also said ripsaw wasn't going anywhere...