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  1. MaxPower

    The Smiler - General Discussion

    Or drowning in the queue line when it rains..... On a side note, the presentation of the Smiler at the moment is appalling. Grime all over the place and lots of things not working. Hopefully they give it a bit of a spruce up for next year.
  2. MaxPower

    When were you last scared on a ride ?

    You would never get me on one of those star flyers as I know I would almost certainly soil myself. The last rides that properly scared the bejesus out of me were the old S&S sky sling at Fantasy Island and Dodonpa.
  3. MaxPower

    50 European Coasters

    Corrected that for you.
  4. MaxPower

    Project Horizon: Public Consultation on New Attraction

    I see John Wardley has put his comments forward....
  5. MaxPower

    Travellers Day Scarefest

    I'm all for banning people who wear socks with sandals and I don't care if it's discriminatory, they need to learn. As for the traveller's, I think the park is doing as much as they realistically can. If people kick off, ban those people, but they can't ban everyone by association.
  6. MaxPower

    Duel: Now Closed, Refurbishment for 2023

    A bit like the Nemesis soundtrack, I would be all up for a reworked / orchestrated version of the og HH score.
  7. MaxPower

    Enterprise Site

    I had a feeling those sightings of Ron Toomer being on park were a bit far fetched.
  8. MaxPower

    The Alton Towers Dungeon

    All we need now is for it to be an Intamin Aquatrax and then we'll have the whole set...
  9. MaxPower

    The Great Squeeze: Cost of Living Crisis 2022

    I can't remember my day to day life being that much better under a Labour government than under the Tories to be honest. I don't like the Tories and realistically the only option is to vote Labour to get them out, but I can't see how people can be so confident Starmer and Co are the saviours...
  10. MaxPower

    2022: General Discussion

    Santa needs to lay off the mince pies judging by how much that dinghy is listing..
  11. MaxPower

    Park Hours: Updates and Discussion

    I'm sure the energy costs will also be playing a big role in opening hours. I'm sure it's not cheap to keep the park open for an extra hour or two.
  12. MaxPower

    Park Hours: Updates and Discussion

    I think Sharon may well be a Karen.
  13. MaxPower

    Duel: The Haunted House Actually Strikes Back - Refurb Incoming

    I doubt Merlin will be providing a massive budget to this so they will need to reuse as much as they can to make it stretch. As others have mentioned, the lighting is abysmal as it currently stands which emphasises many of the flaws with the scenery. With the right lighting and restoration it...
  14. MaxPower

    2022: General Discussion

    I don't think Simons going to be producing anything for Adriana Grande any time soon....
  15. MaxPower

    General Queue Times Discussion 2022

    Fuji 'Q' is by far the worst place I've ever been for queues. 3 hours for each of the major coasters.
  16. MaxPower

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    Very enjoyable to watch, looks like we'll be hearing something about the future in the next few weeks which is exciting.
  17. MaxPower

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    He'll know the sort of things he can and can't say, that clip is probably as far as it'll go regarding SW9. Makes me more inclined to believe it could be a B&M if he's more involved with this project than SW8 due to his relationship with them and this rumoured deal Merlin have struck up. Will...
  18. MaxPower

    Merlin Entertainments: General Discussion

    It's about time someone started a petition, Merlin have been winding us up for years.
  19. MaxPower

    The Hotels: A deep-seated culture of mediocrity

    It'll be interesting to see how the hotels (and the park for that matter) manage the upcoming surge in energy costs given the already extortionate prices they're charging and overall sub-par quality provided. I don't see how they can realistically charge any more or make any further cuts given...