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    What are the present problems with Alton Towers, in your opinion?

    Yes AT is a right dump in places which is embarrassing considering its one of the biggest parks in the UK with a ton of issues - my biggest is F&B offerings. Although saying that, look where the park is situated, the surrounding area is beautiful. Driving past the iconic McDonalds, past JCB...
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    Stand up comedy

    Rhod Gilbert
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    What are you listening to?

    Iron Maiden - Senjutsu album.
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    Ride/Park Accidents

    I hope heads rolled for this.
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    Euro 2020

    Dirty game by the Italians.
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    95%? i disagree.
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    Euro 2020

    Has to be in the pub, atmosphere - if it goes our way, will be absolutely stellar.
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    It's an 8pm kick off so i expect crowd levels not to be affected by the football.
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    Euro 2020

    Sterling was a machine.
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    Euro 2020

    Absolutely bloody brilliant! Very glad it didn't go to penalties...
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    Nemesis: General Discussion

    .......Poor girls getting old. :sunglasses:
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    Euro 2020

    Looking forward to the sounds of Wembley with mainly just England fans, its gonna intimidate the opponents.
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    2022 Speculation and CBeebies Land additions

    :tearsofjoy: The Blacker Hole.
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    TowersStreet COVID-19 Vaccine Poll

    Second one next month...we'll see what happens.
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    TowersStreet COVID-19 Vaccine Poll

    Got my first jab...fainted twice. Love injections me.
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    Oblivion: General Discussion

    Hands up, Legs out, feel that damn adrenaline. Best coaster in the park full stop. Fight me.
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    Disneyland Paris: General Discussion

    Its dirty business practice that keeps the suits happy, no one else. If other companies see this working and generates profit, they'll be swayed. There's no going back.
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    Ride/Park Accidents

    Rapids will never be the same again.
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    TST Film Review Thread

    Terrifier Pretty much a slasher, usual teenagers terrorized by a maniac dressed as a clown named Art. What made this movie for me was how truly terrifying Art the clown was, the sinister smiles and the general look of him in certain lights, Tbh IT is nothing compared to this guy. This movie is...