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  1. Matt.GC

    Scare Rooms

    I would've loved to have done one. From what I've seen, they looked awesome! Imagine going to the toilet in the night to find a bloodied person in the bath behind the shower curtain? Or lying in bed hearing people creeping around your room? Definitely something I'd do if the brought them back.
  2. Matt.GC

    UK taxation policy.

    I've always liked the idea of favourable tax rates for businesses that benefit the country. I know this does happen currently, but on a very small scale and often concurrently runs alongside corruption. But surely we can reform it and press the reset button? Businesses aren't people, and it's...
  3. Matt.GC

    "Partygate" and UK politics general discussion

    Yeah but let's face it Craig, this has nothing to do with "telling people what to do". Our Liz's political hero signed off many scary public information campaigns around a nuke landing on the UK and the AIDS epidemic. She also didn't like "telling people what to do" and neither does the guy who...
  4. Matt.GC

    Duel: Now Closed, Refurbishment for 2023

    Sounds like the premise of a porn video.....
  5. Matt.GC

    Talbot Street Tuesday

    2008. There was nothing not to like!
  6. Matt.GC

    Duel: Now Closed, Refurbishment for 2023

    I can't wait for this year's Towers Street Awards. From 'Mourners per Hour', WD40gate and this very thread, there's some real gold to choose from this year.
  7. Matt.GC

    "Partygate" and UK politics general discussion

    There was a stand out moment to me and that was when Kwateng made his "slight" turbulence comment. If you listen, the conference began to laugh thinking he was trying to be humourous. But his face was completely straight.
  8. Matt.GC

    2022: General Discussion

    Rainy midweek days at Towers can be amazing for smashing rides.
  9. Matt.GC

    When were you last scared on a ride ?

    I'll third that one. I panic when I can't move. I've had moments at night where the other half has rolled over and taken the duvet with her but my body weight is holding my side down. This tightness around my arms and legs makes me wake up in panic. I was stuck on Ramesis Revenge once and I was...
  10. Matt.GC

    Travellers Day Scarefest

    I note that it's now October 6th and we still don't know the actual date of the family friendly day yet?
  11. Matt.GC

    "Partygate" and UK politics general discussion

    We are in agreement here. This is exactly the point I was making when you went on the "politics of envy" rant. The events of the last 2 weeks, up to and including this conference, are raising serious concerns about the competence of the top 2. If we forget political views for a moment, the...
  12. Matt.GC

    "Partygate" and UK politics general discussion

    So you have to go to University, get qualified, then do loads of training, then have the responsibility of looking after, nurturing and developing the most precious resource we have (children) and get the "privilege" of earning a meager £26k - £34k per year? Neither of which is a salary that you...
  13. Matt.GC

    The Smiler vs Saw The Ride; which Merlin Gerstlauer do you prefer?

    Saw, I absolutely love it. I enjoy a rough ride if it's worth it. But then I'm also a Grand National fan. I'd imagine all 3 of those opinions are minority ones.
  14. Matt.GC

    Water parks

    I'm pretty sure Brean Splash has more than 3 slides.
  15. Matt.GC

    Russia vs NATO

    But again a very hypothetical question that's been debated ever since the Americans bombed Hiroshima, yet nearly 70 years later no one has the answer to it. There's still no reason to think that a sudden escalation of a nuclear nature is closer that it was a week or 2 ago.
  16. Matt.GC

    UK taxation policy.

    Just the 45% craziness. But the conference has only just begun and there's a lot of angry Tories out there, not to mention the economic damage that's be done so far. Watch this space.
  17. Matt.GC

    UK taxation policy.

    I still think (and hope) that what they tried to do won't be forgotten, hopefully neither will her stubbornness and incompetence that she's shown all week. I'm still stunned, what the hell were they thinking? I also note as well, that we're now talking well over a week ago since this car crash...
  18. Matt.GC

    Finding The Origins of The Old Katanga Canyon Music.

    This is my favourite track in the park. Are you saying you've placed the rest of the set in the BBC radio series but not the 2 that make up this track?
  19. Matt.GC

    Russia vs NATO

    Very hypothetical though as that's unlikely to happen. You'd be right they'd have to respond in some way, but probably little more than further sanctions and condemnation.
  20. Matt.GC

    Ride Access Pass Systems and Disabled Access

    Social media is already full of hints and tips of how to swindle your way to getting a RAP. I'm sure if they adopted a consultation approach of assessing needs, someone would be able to whip up a script full of lies to tell guest services and post it in no time.