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    Theme Park Worldwide

    This reminds me, think it was back in 2012 I saw a guy marathoning the ultimate for charity, back row, without getting off. Bare in mind I wasn't an enthusiast back then, I thought he was a brakeman.. Shawn's next challenge perhaps? ;)
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    Walibi Holland - 1st July 2019

    Really was a fantastic park, if there's one thing I regret it was missing out the water rides, however I don't know what they were like. In terms of Assen it's the best circuit I've visited out of the 4 (Silverstone, Valencia, PI). I do think PI offers better racing but you could see a lot more...
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    Walibi Holland - 1st July 2019

    No, imagine it would've added to the ride though. I did like the ride and much preferred it to the other boomerang, but once you've done a couple you've done them all. Definitely the most unique one despite the lack of on board audio.
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    Walibi Holland - 1st July 2019

    So, over the end of June I went to the Netherlands to go to the Dutch GP, and didn't intend on visiting any parks. I was following Untamed, but didn't think it would be quite ready. Then I checked the opening date. The day after the race, Untamed opened, and my plans changed very quickly. A...
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    Theme Park Worldwide

    Then says blackpool closes early but its still OK to visit there, because he hasn't experienced it personally. I don't mind him but that comment reeked of self entitlement. Obviously it's a disappointment, and it's his own preference what he does but personally he's said before he enjoys parks...
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    Theme Park Worldwide

    It's stupid what he's done for this trip, and quite frankly dangerous. 2 hour alternating naps in the car are not going to keep you awake enough to be safely driving, and you'll be too tired to enjoy yourself. Think the problem is he decided to do a massive cred hunt rather than enjoying the...
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    I like to consider myself quite healthy, active, and competitive. So at Thorpe on Saturday I went on bouncezilla. 100% confidence I'd get to the end first, but nope. I was beaten. Not only beaten by anyone, but my 55 year old dad. Yes, it may look out of place, but honestly its one of the...
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    Game of Thrones

    Good ending for me, but they tried to make dany into the villain which I wasn't a fan of. Seemed very forced to me and she deserved the throne. Can't help but feel sympathetic to her character because if you look back to season 7 ep 6 to the finale (predict about 2 months westeros time)
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    The Merlin VIP Annual Pass

    I must say, the reaction of them Facebook VIP groups were fantastic! I've never seen as much uproar in recent years.
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    Game of Thrones

    Season 4 was the best in terms of drama and top quality writing. Drama has gone up since then but the quality of the plot has dropped.
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    Game of Thrones

    Episode 4 - so many cliffhangers (or so I thought) and then skipped the answers. My main gripe is we never got to see sansa and aryas reactions. They just skipped a scene that could've been so deep, before rushing into the next big thing. The good parts were great but there was some massive...
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    Game of Thrones

    I think my main issue is a lot of regulars died,
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    Walibi Holland: General Discussion

    The Dutch motogp race is the 30th of July, and that is a MASSIVE event there, 100,000 people some years I reckon. I'm going to that, and I'll have to pop down here the day or two after.
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    Have you ever found a roller coaster too intense?

    I was out cold on stealth for a couple of seconds once, after 10s of rides on them Pass holder nights. Knew because I whacked my head on the seat in front, eyes opened and I was 200ft in the air. Presumably that was down to me overriding something and putting myself under too much stress...
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    Football Discussion

    So in this thread we've got a Norwich fan, an Sheffield Wednesday fan, and me, a Leeds fan. If Wednesday could go easy on us it might just stop the blades going up. Promotion races are too stressful for me is what I've learnt..
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    Do you find The Smiler rough?

    I've heard they've decided to invest in round wheels rather than squares this year. ;)
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    2019: General Discussion

    I just want ripsaw back to be honest. Rather that than the blade. Whether that's controversial or not I don't know, but I've always got a feeling that the original #PrayForBlade is partly why we don't have ripsaw.
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    2019: General Discussion

    There is nothing but coasters, especially yesterday. Had a great day to be fair, but the blade and duel are the only real non coaster ride that's for audiences above 6/7. Granted enterprise and the rapids will open, but there is no thrill flat rides. Should be at least one in the three areas for...
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    Coaster Poll FINAL

    Echo Danny's post. Although I was more looking forward to Wildfire, as soon as I got off the top of that escalator I was probably the most excited I have been, or will be for any other ride. In day time it's my number 2 after wildfire, but a nighttime ride is breathtaking.
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    When it rained on my first rainy visits I slapped down on that bridge three times in two visits. Never attempted to walk up it from avalanche since, and if I'm heading back from the big one I sat on it and slid down. :p