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  1. EuroSatch

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    Oh FGS can they not just let Wardley have a quiet retirement? I get that he was big for the mid-90s investments, but he seems to be heralded as a messiah, and any SW must be his brainchild. There are other people out there!
  2. EuroSatch

    Shoutbox message

    @Ian, I have absolutely no idea what you could possibly mean :sunglasses:
  3. EuroSatch

    Shoutbox message

    Well, isn’t this forum looking sexy!
  4. EuroSatch

    Cadbury World - Merlin Take Over

    Let’s also not forget the Bournville Village Trust are *very* prescriptive as to what can and cannot be done in the area. I don’t know how far it extends to commercial operations, but I highly doubt they would approve anything to be built beyond the footprint of existing facilities
  5. EuroSatch

    Food & Beverage 2022

    There are differences here. Capita area a Services Provider specialist, and are not operating a specific income stream or profit function for the council, but providing their services. So the contract would be structured by receipt of a fixed management fee for the services they provide...
  6. EuroSatch

    Food & Beverage 2022

    We have no idea what, if any, profit agreement Merlin and Aramark have though. This is outsourcing, not franchising, so I expect Merlin will no longer be receiving any revenue from F&B sales, which means they have no care over whether sales drop. The rebates they pay to Aramark to cover where...
  7. EuroSatch

    Cadbury World - Merlin Take Over

    I don’t like how close Merlin are encroaching on my home ground
  8. EuroSatch

    Food & Beverage 2022

    Echoes my thoughts. It makes sense from a business point of view, though there is a reputational risk if Aramark are unable to deliver, or significantly reduce quality. There is only so long Merlin will be able to blame any service issues on their partners when Joe Public know no difference. My...
  9. EuroSatch

    2022 Meet Up Calendar

    I was intending to attend the opening meet, though have just been on the MAP pre-booking page, and Saturday 19th is not available [emoji848] I’m not entirely sure whether they still require pre booking for annual passes, but if they do then I might be out of luck already
  10. EuroSatch

    2021: Europa-Park General Discussion

    27.50 I think. It was literally the last question before the gong
  11. EuroSatch

    PortAventura: General Discussion

    Yeah, but will they ever be open?
  12. EuroSatch

    Mardi Gras & Oktoberfest 2021

    So what’s the Mardi Gras event about? I’m all for festivities, and think it’s great that events are back on the cards after years of doing nothing, but Mardi Gras is a festival in February - it literally means “Fat Tuesday” i.e. Shrove Tuesday
  13. EuroSatch

    Stargazing Pods

    I keep seeing they are pushing the Stargazing Pods as being open from 12th April. Does anyone know how they intend to get around the issue of bathing and toilet facilities not being self contained? Will they be closing off the shower facilities but not telling anyone who is making a booking that...
  14. EuroSatch

    Merlin Annual Pass

    What are people's thoughts on when they will recommence selling passes? I was previously on the membership scheme, which had payments suspended for 5 or 6 months, but I cancelled it back in September as they were about tp restart monthly payments again and I didn't envisage I would use the pass...
  15. EuroSatch

    Quick Questions

    Do Alton Towers have, or does anyone know if they have any plans to instal, any electric car charging points?
  16. EuroSatch

    2020: Europa-Park General Discussion

    Understand this is a very recent announcement, so further details may come to light, but do we have clarity on what that means for hotel guests? I'm staying in August for 4 nights, my club card currently runs out 25th July, and I *assume* it'll be extended given previous communication (not yet...
  17. EuroSatch

    2020: General Discussion

    And there it is
  18. EuroSatch

    2020: General Discussion

    Drayton Manor is now closed until further notice, so the pressure is on
  19. EuroSatch

    2020: General Discussion

    You do you mate [emoji106]
  20. EuroSatch

    2020: General Discussion

    This thread has suddenly become an example of both why were in this situation globally, and why the government needs to take much stricter action about public gatherings. Asking people to carry out social distancing is as much for preventing other people from catching the virus if you are...