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  1. geo4chg

    Universal Studios/IOA Orlando: General Discussion

    I was at DLP last month and think Avengers Campus is much better than most people seem to think - it is well designed, full of detail and bursting with life, and the Spider-Man ride is really good fun and don’t really see why it has gotten criticism (other than the “upgrades” you can get in the...
  2. geo4chg

    Universal Studios/IOA Orlando: General Discussion

    This is exactly why it is a complete win for Universal. By keeping hold of the license they stop Disney being able to use the world's most popular film franchise in the world's most popular theme park resort.
  3. geo4chg

    Cleverest uses of illusions within theme parks?

    When I first rode Star Tours aged 7, couldn’t believe it was just a simulator. Went on it 4 times last week and still think it is the best old fashioned flight sim out there for the sensation of movement.
  4. geo4chg

    Disneyland Paris: General Discussion

    Had 4 days at Disneyland Paris staying on site at Newport Bay Club. The main Parc Disneyland looked immaculate - the 30th Anniversary celebrations gave it a party atmosphere and everything seemed to have improved from my last visit in terms of snacks, overall food quality, character...
  5. geo4chg

    TBC: SW9 Speculation

    I completely disagree - the walk from Sea Life through Katanga Canyon-Gloomy Woods-Forbidden Valley is the best area of the park aesthetically, and is the closest ATR has to proper theme park escapism, whereas Dark Forest, X-Sector etc feel a lot more like just rides plonked down wherever they...
  6. geo4chg

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    Yes I agree it is better to have a test seat than not as for those where the seat may be uncomfortable can test it before queuing for the ride. However, I think the impact on throughput would be negligible and there are so many other factors that have a bigger impact is all.
  7. geo4chg

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    Out of interest, how does a test seat benefit throughputs? Less than 1% of riders would use the test seat anyway and even those that do, how would this mean restraints don’t need to be rechecked?
  8. geo4chg

    Formula One

    Not to mention how often Bottas’ strategy was so often compromised compared to Lewis, even when he’d stuck it on pole and was leading.
  9. geo4chg

    Your favourite MCBR exits on roller coasters?

    Any of Spinball Whizzer's, leaving the block sections are the best bits of the ride IMO.
  10. geo4chg

    Oblivion: General Discussion

    Was at AT this weekend and can confirm on both days rear left (as you sit on it) end 2-3 seats left empty on every single shuttle. Also saw a shuttle wouldn’t leave station (I was sitting in the shuttle behind) because of some sort of error and the ride hosts asked 4 people to swap seats. It...
  11. geo4chg

    Disneyland Paris: General Discussion

    I completely agree, so much better than what went before, even just having proper paving rather than tarmac makes such a difference. Overall I like the look of the land - I'm not the biggest Marvel fan but the aesthetic they've gone for looks really nice, high quality in my opinion, and...
  12. geo4chg

    Future of the Congo River Rapids

    I 100% agree with this - my 8 and 6 year olds love the rapids, it is up there with their favourite rides at AT. In an ideal world the waterfalls would be on but the vast majority of the public enjoy the ride for what it is - in the case of my children, if it was rougher and got you much wetter...
  13. geo4chg

    2022: General Discussion

    I don’t mind the loss of ERT so long as they keep the ability to go to ride queue lines before park opening time, it’s so much better than the rope drop on Towers St of yesteryear imo.
  14. geo4chg

    The decline of city centre department stores

    I tend to agree, clothes and shoes are two things that it’s far better to shop in person. The only clothes I buy online generally is jeans as I know the exact size and lot no I like from Levi’s and you can tend to find them cheaper online than you can in store.
  15. geo4chg

    The decline of city centre department stores

    As far as I'm aware, COVID hasn't been blamed for the decline of in-person shopping. Over the last 25-30 years the old fashioned High Street has failed to adapt to, first, the rise of the out of town shopping centre, and the secondly, the rise of online. The pandemic has simply accelerated...
  16. geo4chg

    Legoland Windsor 14/2/22

    We were there on Saturday 12th with our 2 children. I was expecting it to be far busier than it was, a lot of rides remained walk-on all day (including The Dragon and Haunted House Monster Party), we timed the Driving School well towards the end of the day so was only a 5min wait (had been...
  17. geo4chg

    Coaster selections where their quality defies their size

    I agree with this, Disneyland Paris gets a bad rap from people in general just because it doesn't have as many rides as Magic Kingdom and hasn't had many new attractions in years, but it is a magical park with so many good rides (and so many examples where the like-for-like equivalent ride is...
  18. geo4chg

    Formula One

    Doesn't look like Aston Martin got the memo on just slapping your livery on the 2022 demo car previewed last season. Those slots across the top of the sidepods look interesting, wonder if we will see that on other cars once they are shown properly. Slightly sad to see the last remnants of...
  19. geo4chg

    Formula One

    That footage doesn't show anything. RB said that the lapped cars, once through, don't need to catch up to the back of the pack (which is correct) and Masi said he understood the message. While I think the constant badgering of the Race Director by teams is bad and, thankfully sounds like it is...
  20. geo4chg

    "Partygate" and UK politics general discussion

    Generally PMs will grow less and less popular as their time in office goes on and history does not tend to look kindly on them (people focus on failings rather than successes), but there are also two broad types of PM -those that are good politicians but not necessarily good leaders (May, Brown...