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  1. AirFAN

    27 May Visit - First Time in a While

    I used to post quite often on this forum about 10 years ago. Haven't been to the park in a while. I thought I'd share my thoughts of the day. We travelled for 2+ hours to visit the park and made good time - arriving for 10am. I'm one of those that gets a bit anxious if I'm not there as early as...
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    Quick Questions

    Oblivion has been showing as closed on the app for a few days now - not sure how accurate that is. Sad to hear Hex won’t be open!
  3. AirFAN

    Quick Questions

    I know the answer to this is probably readily available elsewhere so apologies in advance. What’s the reason for Oblivion and Hex currently being closed?
  4. AirFAN

    Channel 4 2018 Alton Towers Documentary

    These canned scream effects though
  5. AirFAN

    Galactica: General Discussion

    At what point will they admit defeat and give up on this absolutely ridiculous VR nonsense?
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    Drayton Manor Park - Splash Canyon Incident

    I find it strange how precious people are about the ride in it's current form (I.e. without restraints). Since this incident has happened I've thought how insane it is that something like this hasn't happened sooner. When dealing with the general public you can not assume everyone will do as...
  7. AirFAN

    The Sinking Ship: (Un)Love Letters to Merlin

    I'm pretty much over the UK theme park scene to be honest. My last few visits to Thorpe Park have been a shambles. You get the feeling guest happiness is the last thing on their minds - the main focus being economising the experience to save as much money as possible to the detriment of...
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    SeaWorld Orlando: General Discussion

    Surely something like this would work better with a ride that has a dual station?
  9. AirFAN

    2016: The Smiler Reopening

    At least the Guardian knows how to report. That being said, it really reinforces how most of the other articles on these trash websites are probably just as fabricated, it's only because we know so much about the subject matter that this one stands out in particular.
  10. AirFAN

    Rollercoaster Restaurant: General Discussion

    Of course it's premium when you compare it to the other offerings within the park, that's pretty much a non statement. It's not premium though. Not even close.
  11. AirFAN

    Rollercoaster Restaurant: General Discussion

    Does anyone else hate the logo for the restaurant? PS why do any of you believe the food is premium? Have you ever eaten anywhere other than a Wetherspoons before?
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    Universal Studios/IOA Orlando: General Discussion

    Interesting video by Universal
  13. AirFAN

    What if Merlin sold off Alton Towers? This is the competition commission's report regarding the acquisition of Tussauds by Merlin. Interesting read.
  14. AirFAN

    Quick Questions

    Are the weekday closures causing any issues? I.e. People showing up when the park is close?
  15. AirFAN

    Was Nemesis a fluke?

    Imagine a park that could build Nemesis at ground level also (without the need to excavate), it would look a mess of a coaster.
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    Galactica: General Discussion

    Apologies if someone had already mentioned - what happens in regard to hygiene checks someone spoke briefly about previously?
  17. AirFAN

    2017/18: SW8 Speculation

    I really hope it's not another water ride - for half of the year they're effectively rendered useless because of the weather. I really hope there isn't a gimmick too - just create a brilliant ride for Christ sake, one that will stand the test of time.
  18. AirFAN

    Incident on The Smiler 02/06/2015

    Overheard from a member of the public no doubt? "Yea u kno dat happy ride, the 1 dat exploded and killed dose peeps, I fink its at Thorpe Towers in Shefford? ... Yeah tearing it down m8".
  19. AirFAN

    SeaWorld Orlando: General Discussion

    Interesting how these new rides are geared towards promoting their 'convervation efforts'. I think it's little too late in regard to the Orca shows - you can dress that bathtub up all you want but fact is it remains a bathtub, and a small one at that. The park is a commercial entity who cares...
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    Imgur is also good and insanely easy to use.