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    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Was this just before ride opened? It was same on Saturday morning too, though once open the ride opened, the queue went down quickly and was probably no more than 15 minutes. On Sunday though the queue waiting for Nemesis to open was exasperated by Galactica opening late.
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    The Hotels: A deep-seated culture of mediocrity

    Stopped on resort last night (17/09). First time in a while. Our usual staple The Chained Oak was fully booked when I enquired and so was everything else near by, so wanting to partake in a beer during Oktoberfest, slumming it on resort was the only option. Managed to get 2 others with us, so...
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    Hex: The Future of the Towers

    Been on with just 1 other. That was weird!!
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Lastly, Rulantica. It may have a couple of flaws, what place doesn't, but generally for me is the best Water Park out there. We visited on 16th August, taking advantage of 1 of the 2 free tickets you get as part of the Annual Pass. Quick look at Google Maps in the morning showed that is was...
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    The Queen dies, aged 96. The future of the monarchy

    Calling it now, Liz spiked her Earl Grey yesterday!! 😱
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Finally, the time has come, and the end of the long winding road to Rust, and the joys of Europa Park and Rulantica. Our Itinerary was Sat afternoon from 15:00: on Park, Sunday and Monday full day on Park, Tuesday Rulantica then Wednesday & Thursday full day on park, leaving on Friday morning...
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    TS Oktoberfest Meet: Saturday, 17th September 2022

    Just wondering. Is anyone else looking for accommodation for the Saturday night? Our usual staple of Chained Oak is fully booked so looks like resort is only option. Will be £53 each based on 4 sharing so need 2 more peeps.
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    Long winding road to Rust

    The long winding road is finally nearing its end, and the final park before Europa Park. And this is non other than Tripsdrill, the odd, quirky, but actually very good good park located slightly north of Stuttgart but you feel like you are in a different world. Date Friday 12th August, park open...
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Sadly, after the delight that was Phantasialand we then faced staring down in to the pit of mediocrity and making a journey towards Holiday Park. It had transpired from a few others who had visited the park, I think the day before, that you could no longer get the 40% off with an EP pass. But...
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    The Great Squeeze: Cost of Living Crisis 2022

    I’m pretty sure even the eternal optimist @Matt N would struggle to come up with something?
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Moving on, 8th August was the turn of Toverland (Open 10:00-21:00, Port Laguna open until 22:00) to be graced with our ever annoying presence. One minor faux Pax here is that we had pre booked car parking, forgetting that it had already been decided that we would park at the near by GR8 Hotel...
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Next up on Saturday 6th August was Walibi Holland and another new park for me. Open 10:00-22:00. Being a Saturday I was expecting this park to be pretty busy but whilst it was moderately so, queue times were never really anything extortionate, probably never waiting longer than 15-20 minutes for...
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    The I Feel Down Topic.

    Negative news sells and gets clicks that’s why that’s all that gets heard. Plenty of positive news out there too I’m sure. Just do what I do, I never watch the news, or even TV to be fair (only streaming), not read a print newspaper for 20 years or more. (I will read the occasional Mail or...
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    The Great Squeeze: Cost of Living Crisis 2022

    Been shielded to some degree from the worst excesses of energy cost rises so far, but with costs going up 80% in time for autumn and winter when people will be using more energy then it’s going to be a shock. Maybe the great British public will show the government what ‘taking back control’...
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Next up, on August 2nd (A Tuesday if you are still following, by this point in the trip I was already lost in space and time somewhere and that was before any Space Cake ;)), was Amsterdam, a place I hadn't visited in over 20 years, so was looking forward to going back. Only a short drive from...
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    Long winding road to Rust

    After a long day in work not doing anything even remotely involving work of any kind, time for next part : Next park, on Sunday 31/07 was Bobbejaanland, open from 10:00-19:00, which again for me was a new park. Escaping what was the Ibis and now a Granny Farm around 08:30, took the 70 minute...
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    Long winding road to Rust

    So; Day 1 Park 1, Plopsaland. Fri 29/07 Park open 10:00-19:00 Seems to be the park everyone loves to hate. I have only been once, and that was a quick stop off on the way home from a 2014 road trip to waste a few hours before the ferry home. Didn't massively rate the place then. This time it...
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    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    Something that cropped up at Spirit of St Louis bar on the Monday night of my recent visit, when paying up, was asked how much tip we were going to leave. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind leaving a tip of sorts, previously when paying by cash usually round up to nearest €5 or €10 but I don’t...
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    Long winding road to Rust

    Over the last 3 weeks or so (28/07-21/08) myself and Dave have been taking a road trip across Europe, eventually, after a little over 2 weeks ending up at Europa Park. We visited the following Parks, in order :- Plopsa Land; Walibi Belgium; Bobbejaanland; Efteling; Hansa Park; Heide Park...
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    Should Maths and English be made compulsory past GCSE level?

    Maths? God no. 😂 I never really got maths at all. Even with extra tutoring at college I struggled beyond the basics. I’m not stupid either, just couldn’t get math. Math at A Level is a completely different ball game to GCSE where you have different levels and is a lot more complicated Should...