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  1. Ted

    TS Oktoberfest Meet: Saturday, 17th September 2022

    If you don't have anyone else I'll join you!
  2. Ted

    California's Great America: General Discussion

    Sad news man, actually gutted by this :( With the collapse of the original sale in 2011, it seems like the park was living on borrowed time in a sense. I need to visit and hopefully it sees out the 2033 deadline. A great loss to the industry but with the housing crisis in the Bay Area, Cedar...
  3. Ted

    Is there anything I should know before going to Phantasia Land for the first time?

    Not really a tip, but if you're going to the park by rail and travelling on the Stadbahn (aka the trams) then the staff at Koln HBF were very friendly and helped me out extra!
  4. Ted

    Forum Downtime This Friday 7PM and Some Team News

    I must admit I'm not keen on the circular avatars coming but that's just a personal preference and not a make or break deal. Looking forward to everything else!
  5. Ted

    Coaster selections where their quality defies their size

    A weird one, but Pleasurewood Hills, considering it's a small park has a solid lineup. A classic boomerang (with newer trains), a Maurer wild mouse, a well themed Tivoli and even a very rare Schwarzkopf to top it all off. Nothing too mad but for a small park it's definitely a nice lineup
  6. Ted

    Belgian Parks Summer 2022

    Nice! Is that early July or later in the month?
  7. Ted

    Belgian Parks Summer 2022

    Hey folks. Currently planning a trip to the 3 main Belgian parks (Walbi, Plopsa, and Bobbejaanland) and I was wondering when is the best time to go crowd wise? Looking to go in June or July. Thanks a bunch!
  8. Ted

    Disneyland Paris: General Discussion

    I never got or understood the argument about clones (for any park). The average Joe won't care and it actually makes so much sense for the parks to get them because they're a safe investment. For Disney specifically, I can tell you I'd love a clone of Splash Mountain or Indiana Jones Adventure...
  9. Ted

    TowersStreet Member Awards 2021 (ROUND 2)

    Damn, thought my Thorpe topic would be in for a shoe in! Well done to everyone for their nominations :)
  10. Ted

    Thorpe Park 2024/2025: New Major Roller Coaster

    I just enjoy the potential pettiness by only making it one foot higher tbh
  11. Ted

    Thorpe Park 2024/2025: New Major Roller Coaster

    Ha! You wait nine years for a new coaster and it could potentially be a scrapped Six Flags concept :tearsofjoy: Joking aside even if this is apparently true, I think it's a great fit. Thorpe don't need more inversions though, but as long as the airtime is good I'll be happy. Will start to get...
  12. Ted

    London Entertainment Resort: All Discussion

    I'm somewhat shocked that there's not a site even considered West of London unless they wanted to not be in close proximity to places like Thorpe or Legoland I've said it before but building it around the Birmingham area would have been a much better option thanks to the accessibility for a lot...
  13. Ted

    Cedar Point: General Discussion

    I'm actually gutted by that :( I know though the ride apparently used a lot of power which would make sense why it wouldn't go to another park of some sort but it is sad to see it go. Looked like a fun ride for what it was worth.
  14. Ted

    Your favourite roller coasters by country/region

    I know this is a bit of a bump, but I'm bored so why not? Visited 3 new countries and one has changed UK: Nemesis France: Oz'iris Germany: Taron Norway: Speed Monster Sweden: Helix Denmark: Rutschebanen (Tivoli Gardens) USA: Kumba The Netherlands: Untamed Spain: Shambhala
  15. Ted

    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    Great, another reason why I hate Derren Brown's white elephant :rolleyes: I'm actually sad that Rocky Express is closing (partly because it's the best train themed ride in the park), but now as others have said, the place barely has anything to do for kids and has been a huge issue for a...
  16. Ted

    Trains in Germany - General

    If you're getting the Stadbahn (tram) from Cologne to Phantasialand, you'll need to pay the driver upfront. Don't know what it's like going the mainline train though.
  17. Ted

    Coasters you really like that aren’t particularly intense

    This and also their Vekoma cousins I'm not a fan of steel wild mice but Gerstlauer's bobsled coasters are the exception and something I really like.
  18. Ted

    S&S Axis Coaster confirmed for Europe in 2023; where could it be going?

    Dunno why but a gut feeling in me says Parque Warner.
  19. Ted

    Universal Studios Beijing

    Wow by Universal standards this looks awful.