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  1. Tim

    Wearing glasses on coasters

    Your story reminds me of the Covid masks I use to carry around. Made by my mum with white frilly elastic. Very clear what they were originally from, but they were too comfy not to use. Regarding glasses I started wearing them about 6 years ago, around the time I stopped visiting parks so...
  2. Tim

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Black and Red's a bit too Inferno for me. I don't think there's enough evidence to say the recolour is happening yet. Lots of rides have black track. Even rides with coloured track can have black track in the station or indoor areas. Without knowing that tracks for Nemesis it could be going...
  3. Tim

    To what extent does location matter for a park to be successful?

    Location is an incredibly significant factor but from reading some of the previous comments there's a few misconception as to how. Dfferent types of park are effected very differently. So I've broken this down into a few groups. Local parks: Can exist almost anywhere but their potential growth...
  4. Tim

    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    They were amazing! But I don't remember any of them being literal safety threats. Weren't they just putting Teddy Bears on rides and ducks in the Rapids. And even when that bear flew off it's not like any people were riding it. Germans are more responsible but they are still human. And theres...
  5. Tim

    2022: Europa-Park General Discussion

    I'm shocked even Europa signed that off. That sets a really bad precedent that it is ok to try stuff like this with lose articles. Hope we don't see all the headline rides having to add pre-ride lockers as a result of copycats in a few years time. Rides like Sat would have to loose the lovely...
  6. Tim

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    I don't know what you were all expecting when Chessington announced a waterpark, but it was never going to be even close to something like Rulantica. Chessington simply don't have the space. For the size it is I think they've put a fair amount in. I just hope it is a hotel guests only attraction...
  7. Tim

    Voltron? | Mack BigDipper | 2024

    Unlikely. Licensing has to be agreed for a certain purpose. The name Voltron for a ride and Voltron for a film/show are distinctly different things. Unless Dreamworks also licensed the specific name for theme park use, or Europa used the shows branding (elevating it to an IP dispute) they can...
  8. Tim

    Voltron? | Mack BigDipper | 2024

    I notice the name of this thread has been changed. Has that name actually been confirmed then? Only when I was at the Park last month I kept overhearing local guests refer to it as Ohm, and the logo is the Ohms symbol. Not that I think Ohm is the final name, but Voltron I've only seen used here...
  9. Tim

    2022/3 Rulantica: New attractions + slide tower incl. RallyRacer

    Yes they have, I got to ride it a month ago while the tent was half in place. Was good fun although at the time you entered from the outside and most people didn't even realise there was a ride under there.
  10. Tim

    Legoland Deutschland building €15.5m coaster

    It's all going to depend on the weight of the trains. If they've used the same Wingrider trains as on the main models they likley will lumber around the track. But if they've found a way to reduce them to a weight more in-line with other a family ride the elements could be quite fun. Like how...
  11. Tim

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    Pure speculation here, but what if Vampire isn't the problem, and it's Gruffalo that's shut them both down? Say for example if there's been a water leak in Gruffalo it could have made Vampire inoperable. More likely it is the other way around and they need Gruffalo out to work on something in...
  12. Tim

    Duel: Now Closed, Refurbishment for 2023

    An original story inspired by the Haunted House is preferable to just turning it back into the Haunted House. The old ride was a product of its time, while it no doubt would still work today the addition of a narrative would be a good improvement. We've seen with Piraten in Batavia that adding a...
  13. Tim

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    I know what I'd do with this opportunity to improve Nemesis and it wouldn't involve changing the ride or theme at all. The story of an alien monster landing on earth and being pinned down with steel is really easy to understand through visuals alone. But there's one thing that can be done now...
  14. Tim

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Just jumping back a few pages to Nemesis's construction photos, can we appreciate that every track piece was pre-painted with all the weathered details. I can't think of many times a ride track has had a themed paint job straight from the factory. That's a commitment to detail I hope the new...
  15. Tim

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    Jay Foreman makes reference in one of his videos to the weird quirk that Londons boarder jumps out seemingly just to include Chessington.
  16. Tim

    Wholesale virtual queueing; what are your thoughts?

    Actually back in the days of free entry I could see virtual queueing working quite well at Blackpool. If you had a long wait simply go explore the pier or visit the beach. Would be a very popular decision with local businesses. Having said that a pay per ride model tends to generate shorter...
  17. Tim

    Efteling: General Discussion

    That depends how long the ride duration is. If as they say it's like a show and the show lasts more than 5 minutes (not including loading and unloading) then that's about 1000pph. Fairly good. But if the shows 10 minutes it'll drop quite drastically.
  18. Tim

    Carter's Steam Fair

    I was there last night for the final fireworks. Was absolutely rammed with people at points. Definitely sad to see it go, especially given how good a condition most of the attractions are in. They definitely aren't ready to be confined to a museum.
  19. Tim

    2022: 'Eatrenalin' Innovative Restaurant

    That's assuming it's a normal chair. Fairly sure it's the ride vehicle.
  20. Tim

    Europa Bark! - Tim's Trips

    That's crazy. The rules on the website refer directly to dogs. But knowing EP if you contact them directly they'd probably extend that rule. There are several dog breeds that are banned. Forget which of the top of my head but it's any with a reputation for being violent. Kind of unfair as these...