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  1. JAMMYD778

    Thorpe Park 2024/2025: New Major Roller Coaster

    All I can say is if this design is finalised, that splashdown must be one hell of a trim. ;)
  2. JAMMYD778

    Monorail Refurbishment

    I used to really look forward to starting my day on the monorail. Hearing the upbeat station music, the exciting announcements on board and what not. Now it just looks depressing and does not provide a good first impression for your 'fantabulous' day of 'thrilliant' adventures ahead. :/ I...
  3. JAMMYD778

    Scooby Doo Adventure: Monster Escape - Virtual NoLimits 2 Coaster

    Scooby Doo Adventure: Monster Escape is a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster that features two launches, a tilt track and multiple special effects. Join Scooby and Shaggy as they venture deep into the abandoned mine. Just what will they find within? Can you escape? This is a project that I started...
  4. JAMMYD778

    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    Yeah, they've done the holding thing for years. It's certainly can be an annoyance when looking at throughput but it's pretty obvious that throughput isn't exactly Flamingo Land's top priority :tongueclosed:
  5. JAMMYD778

    Busch Gardens Tampa: General Discussion

    I'm happy to say that they are all false images. An enthusiast in one of the many Discord groups threw them together as a joke and it has seemingly spread as truth. Although saying that, who knows what Busch will come up with for the name?
  6. JAMMYD778

    WDW Hollywood Studios: General Discussion

    Yes, you are correct. Insiders have said that in order to push for both phases of SW:GE to be open this year, the MMRR teams have been transferred to help on finalising those attractions. It is also being suggested that Studios will be altering their phase closure capacities once SW:GE opens...
  7. JAMMYD778

    Aladdin: Agrabah Adventure - NoLimits 2 Creation

    Come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly... Welcome to Agrabah weary travelers. Genie has invited you to experience the wonders of this place, with a ride on your very own magic carpet. Sit back and hold on as you duck and weave through the market streets, soar high and fly over majestic...
  8. JAMMYD778

    Quick Questions

    Might be a long shot, but does anyone have an indication as to which weekend this year will likely be 'Traveller Weekend' at Scarefest? Looking to go on one of the Sundays for the event but obviously would like to avoid that weekend if possible. Thanks in advance!
  9. JAMMYD778

    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    If this is a new-gen Vekoma Flyer, I'm extremely intrigued as to how this turns out! :D
  10. JAMMYD778

    Kärnan: how does it work?

    Of course not! :)
  11. JAMMYD778

    Kärnan: how does it work?

    That would be moi! :p Pure speculation but based on my knowledge of Gerstlauer chain systems, it is what I think is most conceivable. :)
  12. JAMMYD778

    Shanghai Disneyland

    SPOILERIFIC: Yes, it is pepper's ghost once agian. :D If you look closely, you can see the thin pane of glass/perspex slanted between Jack and the skeleton which based on the glass/perspex angle, appears to be in the concealed hull of the supposed boat, in front of Jack. :)
  13. JAMMYD778

    TS Official Meet Calendar 2016

    I'm definitely considering one of these meets for my first TS meet! Need to get out there and make some new coaster buds (or crazy peoples, whichever term is more suited :P). If anyone is passing through Worcestershire on the way up to the Fireworks meet, a lift would definitely be appreciated. :D
  14. JAMMYD778

    Shanghai Disneyland

    It's pretty clear that Iger is just trying to milk as much money as possible from the domestic parks before his exit in 2018, leaving his successor to clean up the mess. Budget cuts a plenty and reduction in investment is already taking place at domestic Disney parks in the US.
  15. JAMMYD778

    Nickelodeon Universe for the UK

    The NL2 CoasterX competition did not specify any opening date, plus the building was said to be the design of the actual building needed to be built upon, so sadly, I don't think this development is for this Nickelodeon entertainment complex. I'd love to be proved wrong though. :P Most NL2...
  16. JAMMYD778

    Fireworks 2015

    Really shaping up to be something special! Love the slight variations on the classic composition.
  17. JAMMYD778

    Fireworks 2015

    After seeing the set-up so far and hearing that information above, I am seriously excited for the performance this year. Seriously trying to set the bar on par with Disney now. I just hope the amount of pyrotechnics and large shells aren't reduced this year with the addition of actors and live...
  18. JAMMYD778

    Quick Questions

    Hey everyone, not sure if anyone knows, but out of curiosity, how much are the fireworks return tickets when bought from the box office on park? Thanks in advance. :)
  19. JAMMYD778

    Incident on The Smiler 02/06/2015

    I've seen Sonic Spinball cars nudge all the time when entering the station, mainly due to Maurer's excessively strong friction wheels. Again, just a regular occurrence being scrutinised and being blown way out of proportion. :/
  20. JAMMYD778

    Incident on The Smiler 02/06/2015

    The Smiler Game was removed yesterday due to the ability of the player to allow for the cars to spark and tip off of the track; the resort saying it is inappropriate in light of recent events obviously. I imagine the Big Six Challenge app will be leaving soon too if all branding for the...