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    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    So who else is going to the pass holder day tomorrow? I've never been to one before - should I expect it to be busier or quieter than the usual weekends? I can't even find out if all the rides are open but assume it's a warm up so everything should be up and running. Any pointers welcome!
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    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    Re: Thorpe Park Hi All, Just ordered a full-throttle fast track online for thorpe park, but the instructions online are so vague I have no idea what it means :( It says the time I select will pick the ride order, but didn't actually tell me the ride order for each of the times so I just...
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    The Smiler - General Discussion

    Wow, the kids just pointed out this morning I have really big bruises on my shoulders - must have been from the ride yesterday. Scary stuff.
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    Funny things you've overheard people say in queuelines

    Not sure if this counts, but I was next to a family on the Hex queue line and after the ride the little girl burst out crying. I heard her parents asking what was wrong and she said she felt sorry for the tree. Thought it was great how she watched all those videos at the start and somehow came...
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    The Smiler - General Discussion

    Wee, finally got to ride on this a few times over the weekend. Turned up with my Fast-track just as they were evac'ing it on the Saturday and decided to wait around since I recognized a couple of the people waiting at the front with me (a guy with a smiler bobble hat who I swear is by the ride...
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    Downtime 2013

    the Haunted House was down from about 2 o'clock onward, they were opening up the gate to the left of the building for some reason too - any ideas why?
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    Legoland Windsor

    Damn, I figured the fact it had more kiddy rides would offset that it has more kids there than the other parks. Oh well, I'll give it a shot - if it's anywhere near as bad as last time I can always get in the car and drive 30 minutes to chessington.
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    Legoland Windsor

    I was more puzzled by how the simple rides like the frog hopper only ever have a 5 minute queue at Alton and Chessington, yet had a 50 minute queue at Legoland. Is that normal? If so I'll convince the kids to go elsewhere :D
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    Legoland Windsor

    My kids are pestering me to take them to Legoland, but last time we went (2 years ago) it was so busy that we left around lunchtime - to be fair it was a bank holiday, but the queues were insane, an hour just for the small kiddy rides and well over 90 minutes for the main rides (the underwater...
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    Dark Rides of Old

    Ah, I was told the stops are the same - maybe that's what's making it hard for me to pin-point what all the rooms are now, also I believe the script for the ride is online somewhere which tells you the story - from what I can remember, you first see him trapped in the swamp dangling from his...
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    Dark Rides of Old

    Re: British Dark Rides of Old We must be kindred spirits or something - I've been wondering the same thing, and went on the ride a few times yesterday to try to suss it out. Long corridor with boulder >> Heading into the TV screen, past the pencils and books. Stop where you shoot zombie and...
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    Dark Rides of Old

    Re: British Dark Rides of Old Wow this is weird, I love old dark rides so clicked the thread and the first thing I see is my own 5th Dimension video I put on you tube the otherday, glad you liked it - I've got about 2 hours worth of 1980's (and 90's) videos to sort out, unfortunately the tapes...
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    2013: General Discussion

    Is it travellers weekend this weekend? and if so - how bad does it get? Planning on going both Sat/Sun but after having found out about it I'm thinking I should cancel.