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  1. onair

    Christmas 2021: Christmas Markets

    It great to finally see a decent Christmas event at The Towers. Hopefully they will improve on it next year if it returns. I felt the route for the lanterns was a bit strange and most lanterns were quite small. Also some were just plonked anywhere. Having been to Longleat's festival of light...
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    Quick Questions

  3. onair

    Scarefest 2020

    Great pics. I have been hoping they would do something like this for years. It really does look magical. Sadly I can't get there this year but hopefully the lights will return next year.
  4. onair

    Fireworks 2020: CANCELLED

    Looks like i have to wait another 11 days now for a reply, which is what it took for the first reply. What amazed me is i requested a full refund but only got given this option. Have sent them the link.
  5. onair

    Fireworks 2020: CANCELLED

    Ok thanks i did that this is what i got back Thank you for contacting the Alton Towers Resort. Just so you aware you are able to use these tickets on the 8th November. Alternatively, we can re validate these tickets for use in our 2021 season. Kind regards,
  6. onair

    Fireworks 2020: CANCELLED

    Regarding the cancellation of fireworks. I put in a request for a refund for the fireworks. Got an email back saying I can still use my ticket on the 8th Nov or book a date in 2021. As the fireworks were cancelled surely there should be an option for a refund ? Anyone else affected by this ?
  7. onair

    Fireworks 2020: CANCELLED

    Just noticed The Fireworks dates are not available to purchase now they are greyed out ?
  8. onair

    Scarefest 2019

    They do ignore feedback. It was the same about no Scare Zones and poor lighting last year. These surveys are pointless. This year there has been a lot of comments on social media about the lack of atmosphere on park outside the indoor mazes, more than ever. Will be interesting to see if they...
  9. onair

    Scarefest 2019

    Alton still need to up their game in the lighting department for Scarefest. 2010 was the best and still unbeaten in my option for lighting. Those text projections on the Hex path walkthrough etc. The Wicker Man was very good last year so they can do it. Some other big attractions can light up...
  10. onair

    Scarefest 2019

    Really miss the Scare Zones. Wasn't Scary Tales a last minute addition ? This really added to the atmosphere, really hope Towers address the Halloween atmosphere on park for the non pay scare maze visitors as the last few years they have not ! The early days of Scarefest especially 2010 was great.
  11. onair

    2019: The Alton Towers Dungeon

    Alton Towers could be onto a winner this year with the pig huts accomodation and so called dungeon in the carbuncle cup awards :) Its good to see they have planned ahead for when they board it up with a wood fence and leave the area to rot for a few years, just hope they have saved some wood...
  12. onair

    2019: The Alton Towers Dungeon

    That looks absolutely terrible. All it needs is a games unit beside to top it off. Second to Disney Merlin/ Alton Towers hang your heads (in the dungeon) in shame.
  13. onair

    Fireworks 2018

    Loved the show. Would say it's the best one I have seen for a few years. Choice of songs were great. No lasers this year but it worked. Nice to see some unusual fireworks used too. Think Alton did a great job today all round and so pleased I went. Nice atmosphere on park today and got loads of...
  14. onair

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    Feel I've lost interest in the Wickerman too, infact also Alton Towers. The whole Merlin attitude this year has really put me off too. After seeing that aerial video it does look quite disappointing.
  15. onair

    Towers Loving Care

    Some of the commentary from this excellent Alton Towers Memories video should be played in the Merlin Boardroom. How to run a theme park !
  16. onair

    Lack of enthusiasm/optimism for Alton Towers in recent years?

    I still have interest in the parks but not on the scale i had some years back. The way Merlin has chipped away at the parks and the current state they are in has made me loose interest. I used to have my own site etc. Now i find other attractions offer a much better experience than Merlin...
  17. onair

    What could be done to make Christmas at Towers better?

    They really need a major event at Alton Towers to draw the visitors in, if people are to travel distance that time of year. Ok Winter Wonderland is hard to compete with but maybe a ice rink and some ice sculptures a bit like the ice kingdom. One thing I really think Alton missed out on some...
  18. onair

    Fireworks 2017

    I purchased the £5 prebook but changed my mind going. Looking at this years video glad i never went it really does look lacking in the story. The memories one with each coaster was my favourite from recent years. For 2018 would love to see a huge wicker man (thats if it is that) stuck in the...
  19. onair

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    A clearer view of skull ? From Paul Brooks on Towers Facebook Page
  20. onair

    The use of Facebook by Alton Towers

    The sad thing is they have chipped away so much of Scarefest that this year really is the poorest effort so far. Look back at how much has gone over the years. It does seem the general public have become aware of this. Talking about negative feedback the Thorpe Park Trip Adviser reviews are...