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  1. Rick

    Granada Studios Manchester

    David Ellis has posted some fantastic Skytrak footage
  2. Rick

    Park Hours: Updates and Discussion

    I think it depends what your perception of value is based on. Personally, I'd much rather visit on a 10 - 4 close and ride everything I wanted with minimal waits than on a day with with a couple of extra hours and waits double or triple. Especially at Alton Towers where fine dining or long...
  3. Rick

    Dragon Falls or Tiger Rock?

    Ok Pete.
  4. Rick

    Dragon Falls or Tiger Rock?

    They should have used your design.
  5. Rick

    Strange Rides

    Tourbillon on a budget Or link
  6. Rick

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    You may get soaked.
  7. Rick

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Aren't they using the turntable portal as access for new 'stuff'?
  8. Rick

    Wicker Man - General Discussion - Part Two

    Wicker Man is one of the most effective and least offensively presented pre-shows on any coaster I can think of. There have been a few rides with unavoidable pre-shows that were pretty heinous. Terminator and Led Zeppelin are probably the most well known. As much as I like Zep, a documentary...
  9. Rick

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Some of the bodges on the Big One are phenomenal, I have posted some of them before - will take a couple of photos next time on park. The one outlined above is pretty interesting, not least because the way it's painted now, it's actually not very noticeable. The main support is blue, but the...
  10. Rick

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    Some really nice PMBO construction photos here from ECC, including a great (and rare!) view of the original first drop. Hats off to Justin for posting them. This is real content, in lieu of some vlogknobbery. I am sure the usual suspects have saved these to their mum's laptop and are ready to...
  11. Rick

    Oakwood Discussion

    I'd always recommend a visit to Oakwood, it's charming and does have some nice rides for all ages - but it's small. If you go with an understanding of what the park is and what it's not, you'll have a great time. Folly Farm is not far up the road if you fancied making a few days out of the area.
  12. Rick

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    SAVE £5 ON eTICKETS IN MAY! Book online for a visit in May from Sunday to Friday and get £5 off each eTicket for both Adult & Juniors. But be quick as only 500 discounted eTickets are available each day! Get your thrill and fun fix for less this month. Use code: MAY500 for £5 off...
  13. Rick

    Thorpe Park: General Discussion

    Now do one with Takabisha.
  14. Rick

    Six Flags New Orleans Redevelopment: General Discussion

    Has anyone bought or rented Closed for Storm (trailer above)? It's £6 on Prime. I was going to do it this weekend but didn't get round to it.
  15. Rick

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    I thought Fast X was the end of the series, but seemingly there is a XI in development.
  16. Rick

    Review the last roller coaster you rode

    @Matt N the more I read about how you enjoy certain rides, the more I find your admiration for Icon to be a complete headscratcher.
  17. Rick

    Icon or Blue Fire?

    Blue Fire, by any metric.
  18. Rick

    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    That's like saying it's better to get shot once rather than twice.
  19. Rick

    Talking GIBberish - Taking A Joke Too Far

    Nice trip report @Poisson - did you do the Warner water rides ? They're three solid offerings. @Craig - why does @Poisson's GIF avatar work, but not mine ? :(
  20. Rick

    Flamingo Land: General Discussion

    I'm not a fast track hater, quite the opposite really - I figure it's part of the modern park experience, it not being available by exception at a few select locations - it's pretty ubiquitous now and I'll use it when at a park I rarely visit. That said, £50 for skipping five rides at Flamingo...