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  1. LiamC

    Europa Park History

    That music *shudders*
  2. LiamC

    Chessington World of Adventures Resort

    If you have to then I, too, would go for this fastrack. If you can (not sure if it's on their "one shot" fastracks) I'd add Rattlesnake on also. Having said all that though, I don't condone the use of fastrack and would say to avoid it if you can. But each to their own :)
  3. LiamC

    2016: General Discussion

    There is an issue with the VR I believe. Why they don't just run it without is beyond me.
  4. LiamC

    Thorpe Park 2017: DBGT: Rise of The Demon

    It looks good and sounds like quite a unique experience. The level of detail in the ride building looks good, which is always a bonus. Especially for something done by Merlin! How does this perform throughput wise?
  5. LiamC

    Football Discussion

    I genuinely don't care what nationality they are, as long as they're good. Klinsman would be good. He's been going pretty steady with the American team this year. I think they've won something like 9/10 out of the 13 they've played so far.
  6. LiamC

    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    This image of the current queue (taken from Theme Park Worldwide's Facebook page) is awful. I really hope it isn't a cattle pen like that permanently :mask::coldsweat: It would be such a shame for them to create something so stunning and then have this as a permanent queue line.
  7. LiamC

    Alton Towers Merchandise

    These would be a lot nicer if it wasn't for the tacky looking blue and red strings holding them to the key ring. It makes them look like something you would win from a 2p machine. :)
  8. LiamC

    EU Referendum

    I feel physically ill and incredibly sad. A dark day. This is 2016. What happened to tolerance, inclusivity, openness?
  9. LiamC

    Football Discussion

    I'm please he is to be honest, he's a good fit there. I think he'd only be sat on the bench at Arsenal as it is.
  10. LiamC

    2018: Wicker Man - General Discussion - SPOILERS! - Part One

    I also enjoy flumes, quite a lot. Particularly when they're done well! Saying that enthusiasts as a whole disregard them is a strange thing to say. And, may I add, not true from my perspective at all.
  11. LiamC

    Drayton Manor Park

    A quick try of the website and a look at their FB page and it seems they're really struggling with capacity on their website. A shame as I wouldn't have minded going :(
  12. LiamC

    Phantasialand - 2022 Discussion

    There is also a video on Phantasialand's FB page with some more spiel regarding the opening and ride :)
  13. LiamC

    The theme park-based jokes thread

    Some of these are awful haha!
  14. LiamC

    The theme park-based jokes thread

    Theme Park Review.
  15. LiamC

    2017/18: SW8 Speculation

    I also think that looks very underwhelming. Also what's with the double lift/launch type thing? Hopefully this isn't representative of the final product in any way, as it's a long way off still as it is. That or the final product has plenty of elements that surround the ride to make it more...
  16. LiamC

    Busch Gardens Tampa: General Discussion

    Busch Gardens have released a POV of this today. Looks odd. Odd but fun!
  17. LiamC

    Extra Safety Procedure on rides!

    Another one here on the removing of glasses on Th13teen a few weeks ago. I found it very strange. I don't mind having extra procedures on rides where they need to be, in light of what has happened. However this just felt a little overkill.
  18. LiamC

    Thorpe Park 2017: DBGT: Rise of The Demon

    Why oh why do Merlin continue to do stuff like this? It's a multi-million pound theme park ride they're putting up, not a shed. They must have know at least several weeks before now that it wasn't going to be ready on time, not a week before it opens. I'm not surprised, but it really is a...
  19. LiamC

    Parc D'Europe (RCT3) [PIC HEAVY]

    There is an England area at EP, no British one :)
  20. LiamC

    Self catering This is nice and you can walk from there to the park entrance. It's b&b so near as to self catering.