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  1. Sammy

    Eurovision 2022: Sweepstake.

    Annnnd I’ve drawn my favourite in France! It’ll not win. But always a bonus to get a song you love! Plus Czech Republic’s lighting is absolutely incredible. Thanks again Matts! Here’s to next Saturday :D
  2. Sammy

    Eurovision 2022: Sweepstake.

    No, genuinely excited I love Eurovision. Sarcasm never reads well over the internet [emoji23]
  3. Sammy

    Eurovision 2022: Sweepstake.

    Yup, I'm in... I guess!
  4. Sammy

    Your Top Ten Coasters

    Well, I guess I should stick in my two cents. 1. Untamed (Walibi Holland) 2. Wodan (Europa) 3. Helix (Liseberg) 4. Kärnan (Hansa) 5. Tonnere De Zeus (Asterix - Pre Refurb) 6. Taron (Phantasialand) 7. Monster (Walygator) 8. Nemesis 9. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park) 10. OsIris (Asterix) I...
  5. Sammy

    Rank the spinning coasters you’ve done

    It wasn't, but then it became Naga Munchetty Bay... And EVERYTHING changed!
  6. Sammy

    TS Opening Weekend Meet: Saturday, 19th March 2022

    Please remember our meets aren't just drinking sessions. However you will find us at the Tavern! It's been two years damn it, there's catching up to be had ;):hearteyes:
  7. Sammy

    Parks that require a lot of walking

    Quite. And just look at that state of me now… As for my personal thoughts, could not agree more with @John in the annoyance of PA’s loop system. On that note, Europes other PA, Parc Asterix is a deceptively large park and in previous years suffered similar issues with no direct link between...
  8. Sammy

    2022 Meet Up Calendar

    I simply do not know what you mean… Our meets are not drinking sessions! Anyway, for once I should be at every official meet. Which is very exciting. Well for me anyway, most unlucky for you lot. Sorry [emoji8]
  9. Sammy

    WDW Animal Kingdom: General Discussion

    From the people who brought you, Fantasmic, IllumiNations - Reflections of Earth & Disney Dreams... Wow.
  10. Sammy

    Parc Astérix: General Discussion

    Genuinely really REALLY concerned as others have said. Zeus is my No.6 overall, an absolutely stunning coaster that I adore. So yes, I am very worried, firstly because Timberliners are AWFUL trains and secondly the 90degree turn, having done The Cú Chulainn that overbank kills all pacing to the...
  11. Sammy

    Eurovision 2021

    I mean... It is Eurovision [emoji23] Didn’t like Germany’s entry at all to begin with but is has really grown on me! Though admittedly as pointed out to me by @Craig the other day it is like watching The Wiggles [emoji38]
  12. Sammy

    Eurovision Sweepstake 2021!

    Yup.... I'm here. OBVIOUSLY!
  13. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    One final message, the full 2021 League Table is as below... 1. @John - 434pts 2. @Rob - 367pts 3. @Poisson - 294pts 4. @ThisGuy - 264pts 5. @Brad97 - 258pts 6. @MattyH - 242pts 7. @Tim - 212pts 8. @Charlie Newbold - 85pts 9. @Matt N - 69pts 10. @RicketyCricket - 66pts 11. @Cheese - 50pts 12...
  14. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    And there we have it, 14 rounds later it is officially the end of the game and this is indeed your final results post. Even better, it's only two days late, please accept my apologies for keeping you hanging, but would you believe it I was out on Friday... At and ACTUAL Theme Park. Who would...
  15. Sammy

    Welcome - New members introduce yourself here!

    Welcome all members old and new! Hope you enjoy your time her on TowersStreet.
  16. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    Right, so first of all, I'm drunk. Burbs could have been nice and posted this earlier, but he didn't because he's a... Well, we wont go there! So the answers, the parks of the past; Skyline 1 - Walibi Holland Skyline 2 - Phantasialand Skyline 3 - Toverland Skyline 4 - Hansa Park Skyline 5 -...
  17. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    Oh yeah cheers babes. Forgot that part [emoji23][emoji23]
  18. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    Was that tricky enough for you all? It would appear so with only 3 people submitting answers for the week, so I guess you would like some answers! Skyline 1 - Was a combination of the Kings, Kings Island & Kings Dominion. Skyline 2 - Europes finest, Walygator Grand Est & Sud-Ouest. Skyline 3 -...
  19. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    I have to say me and Burbs were slightly concerned that we had killed the game this week, the difficulty was clearly upped and the first answers didn't come through till Monday afternoon, with only 4 people submitting answers this week. So to put you out of your collective misery, what were...
  20. Sammy

    The Great Skyline Game (Final Results)

    It's Friday, Friday. Gotta Sky-Line on Friday. Everybody's lookin' forward to the guessing guessing. There you are, you are most welcome for that piece of lyrical genius. Anyway, on with the task in hand and some answers; City 1 - Paris. The parks in question being, Parc Asterix, Mer de Sable...