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  1. Laura91

    Quick Questions

    John Lewis event is 14th March
  2. Laura91

    The Musicals/Stage Productions Topic!!!

    I’ve seen a tonne of musicals on stage the best being les Mis but the only musical I’ve actually seen in the west end is phantom of the opera and that was honestly spectacular. We are going to see Wicked in London at the end of this month but the next musical I’m looking forward to seeing is Six.
  3. Laura91

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2019

    We headed down to WW yesterday. It was super quiet when we arrived around 3. Headed to daemonium first which was awful and I wish I’d have spent my fiver on haunted mansion instead. next we headed to Santa land to pick up the coasters we didn’t do last year, 9 laps on racing coaster because we...
  4. Laura91

    2021: The World of David Walliams

    Interesting that he just mentions a ride and not an area.
  5. Laura91

    2020: General Discussion

    I was just looking up fireworks hotel prices (which haven’t gone up yet) and I stumbled across the fact you no longer seem to get theme park entry when staying onsite and instead you have to pay £34 each for the privilege!
  6. Laura91

    Merlin Parks & Attractions: Quick Questions.

    The new light blue digipass can be used at all the theme parks plus all the London attractions.
  7. Laura91

    Scarefest 2020

    I would love to see darkest depths return as a 15+ maze. During my four visits to scarefest and three to fireworks I hardly saw a queue and if there were people waiting, they were mostly adults. I sadly think this is the reason it remained for fireworks, I don’t think it sold very well. I feel...
  8. Laura91

    Drayton Manor Park - Splash Canyon Incident

    Just heard the reporter on the local news state that although splash canyon remains closed, the park will not reopen it until they get the permission from the girls family.
  9. Laura91

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

    Just come home from journey to hell. First of all the actors were great it was not in any way their fault how poor it was. I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum (even though it’s finished) The first bit from when we collected our wristbands to when they actually started the story in fy4 must’ve took...
  10. Laura91

    2019: General Discussion

    If you’re an iPhone user you can add the tickets to your passbook wallet now :)
  11. Laura91

    Quick Questions

    If you’re planning on doing mazes book them for the afternoon as the queues are shorter and they’re all inside! That way you can get in more night rides :)
  12. Laura91

    Galactica: General Discussion

    Going back to vest restraints not locking, happened to me first weekend of scarefest, tried to wave down a host alas they didn’t hear my cries. Anyway after a very enjoyable more free ride I informed the op of what just happened and her reply was “oh you should’ve let someone know”o_O Anyway...
  13. Laura91

    Digipass question

    Picsolve were also outside some of the mazes with photo frames boards :)
  14. Laura91

    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park

    I think what let Tulleys down for me is the fact the actors can’t touch you. Especially in vixi where I got bored so easily. I think that adds another level of scare to the attraction, but as I’ve said before everyone has different opinions and that’s fine. we don’t all enjoy the same thing.
  15. Laura91

    2021: The World of David Walliams

    There’s definitely work going on as when we visited on Thursday there were big tyre marks going from where twirling toadstall lies and the HOM building. We also saw some maintenance guys go in with blue paint.
  16. Laura91

    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park

    We visited Tulleys last week for the first time and have to say it was such a disappointment from what it had been hyped up to be. Wastelands was absolutely awful on our run through. Really enjoyed the other new one “the wreckoning” but oh my god the mud was everywhere like someone else said...
  17. Laura91

    Scarefest 2019

    I’m genuinely interested in why people hate p42 so much. I know everyone has different opinions and that’s fine. What makes it so weak? Theming? Actors?
  18. Laura91

    Scarefest 2019

    The issue is people wait until it’s dark to do the mazes, making them practically walk on in the daytime. We made that mistake last year and ended up queuing over an hour for mine tours.
  19. Laura91

    Scarefest 2019

    Nope we went through p42 as a group of 4 :tearsofjoy:
  20. Laura91

    2019: General Discussion

    Did you see anything today? As it’s usually the whole weekend, just less on the Saturday. Nothing really to prepare you just a lot of queue jumping and big crowds. We were there last year on said weekend but just did mazes, no rides and didn’t encounter anything bad. We left as it got dark (as...