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  1. auntiiimartiii

    2021: Offers, deals and vouchers

    No no, the Yazoo voucher is literally valid until 31/12/2022.
  2. auntiiimartiii

    Controversial Alton Towers Opinions

    Yeah I'm hyper aware of G's these days, I can feel my organs moving around. Grim. xD.
  3. auntiiimartiii

    Controversial Alton Towers Opinions

    Same xD I thought it was just me getting old but =P
  4. auntiiimartiii

    2021: Offers, deals and vouchers

    Just an FYI really, I went into Tesco on Saturday and found that Yazoo milkshakes still have voucher codes on them and they're good through 2022. 50p a bottle too if you have a Clubcard!
  5. auntiiimartiii

    The Brexit Thread

    He's doing his best leave him be. ... Oh...what do you mean his best is a catastrophic MESS. xD.
  6. auntiiimartiii

    2020: General Discussion

    Urgh. It's a pandemic mannnnn, these "it won't hurt if I do it" attitudes build up when it's 1000s of people doing it. I want to Scarefest, I live 30 minutes away so it wouldn't be 'out of the way' for me but it's knowing people from high risk areas will be there etc etc etc.
  7. auntiiimartiii

    2018: General Discussion

    The park is an absolute sham . The amount of wheelchair users on park today, yet they still have a late opening of the sky ride. So many closed units. Still. It's not a welcoming (lol) place at all. Sure. We have a high quality wooden coaster. The Smiler is rotting. Everything else is...
  8. auntiiimartiii

    Carowinds: General Disucssion

    Those colour combinations are...amazing. Love me some earth tones =D.
  9. auntiiimartiii

    2018: General Discussion

    Never trust a topless man in a public place I say...!
  10. auntiiimartiii

    Towers Loving Care

    Can it be called love? It's a mild crush at best.
  11. auntiiimartiii

    2017: Voletarium

    Going on the ride with zero queue was slightly confusing in terms of the building...definitely got lost 2/3 times =D. I did enjoy it to be fair.
  12. auntiiimartiii

    The Use of Cameras on Rides at Alton Towers

    But how can I tweet about that happening if...?
  13. auntiiimartiii

    2019: Scandinavia & Snorri Touren

    Having returned from the park this week, I can't help but commend the atmosphere on park. To see how many people are working not only on Fjord, but around Scandinavia ON TOP of all of the other park staff and their maintenance. It is stunning. Maybe German efficiency at it's finest. I believe...
  14. auntiiimartiii

    The Use of Cameras on Rides at Alton Towers

    I'd probably argue that if someone knows they are being filmed, their 'reactions' would probably play up to the camera far more than normal. But that's the cynic in me
  15. auntiiimartiii

    AT Sunday 27th May help please!

    It's a shame I only have the annual pass...I live so close, it's the parking that puts me off nipping in for a ride or two (wheyyyy). Well. Close. 45 minute drive.
  16. auntiiimartiii

    The Public Transport Thread

    I work in Stoke. I'll charge £15. Undercut those mothabuckas at Roseville.
  17. auntiiimartiii

    Flat Rides: What would you like to see come to the park?

    Get a breakdancer back and your boy will be happy. Such spin, much vom.
  18. auntiiimartiii

    The Use of Cameras on Rides at Alton Towers

    It's the same as at gigs. Why waste time trying to film an experience...actually enjoy it, and look back at the memories. The old lady in this picture says it all.
  19. auntiiimartiii

    The "I feel a bit MEH" topic