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  1. Stuie

    Blackpool New Merlin Attraction

    I went on the Gruffalo water ride at Chessington last week and I was rather pleasantly surprised! It's quite decent. I've not had reason to try it before but I now have a toddler niece and she loved it.
  2. Stuie

    Butlins big weekends

    About as cheesy as it gets but if you're with a good crew you'll have fun!
  3. Stuie

    Butlins big weekends

    Been to a couple. They are OK if you're with a good group. Lots of stags and hens, nothing ground-breaking musically. What did you want to know?
  4. Stuie

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    I don’t think it would be that easy to get permission to demolish! They would have to have evidence, offer it up to a trust or CIC to fund and repair it, or they’d have to keep it as a structure, if not a ride. Same with the old Scenic in Margate… even if it ends up standing as a monument to...
  5. Stuie

    Drayton Manor Park

    Loopings should buy Dreamland.
  6. Stuie

    Dreamland Margate: General Discussion

    The park is currently being used by film crews for the movie. It’s the income from this that’s allowing them to get open. Well, and selling the rides of course 😂
  7. Stuie

    Dreamland Margate: General Discussion

    So, back before the site was subject to a compulsory purchase order, there was an agreement with the then land owner that 49% of the site would be gifted to a trust to be an amusement park. In return, 51% of the site could be developed. Save Dreamland Campaign agreed with the land owner to...
  8. Stuie

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    haha... but their accounts suggest they shouldn't even be able to afford an old banger. That's business, old sons.
  9. Stuie

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2022 Discussion

    I'm not hard up but there's no way on earth I'd pay £15 or £25 for that. Absolutely bonkers.
  10. Stuie

    Cash Vs card on park/hotels

    It sounds like EP is the exception in Germany. I've just had a break in Berlin and I was shocked at the amount of bars, restaurants etc that were cash only! Strange really, considering COVID. Definitely, the least card friendly city I've been to.
  11. Stuie

    2022: General Discussion

    Exactly this. And it's probably true for most adults.
  12. Stuie

    The decline of city centre department stores

    I blame Bezos.
  13. Stuie

    Are you a "hands in the air" person or a "holding on tight" person when riding?

    Hands up every time. It's not like holding on tight is going to make any difference anyway!
  14. Stuie

    Adventure Island: General Discussion

    Why do businesses feel that association with Nigel fucking Farage is a good look? It blows my mind.
  15. Stuie

    Most noteworthy UK park you haven’t visited and most noteworthy UK coaster you haven’t ridden

    It's not going anywhere and maintenance is under way for its reopening this year.
  16. Stuie

    What post length requires a TL;DR?

    Someone who says 'too long didn't read' as response to a post is throwing a thinly veiled insult and should be given the attention they deserve. None.
  17. Stuie

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Sure, I get that but in your opinion, do you think it will reopen with new trains or same?
  18. Stuie

    The Brexit Thread

    It’s not just disingenuous, it’s a complete load of old bullshit! This government get away with a lot of that.
  19. Stuie

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Sorry if this is a stupid question… the application is all about the track but will it be the same trains? Is that likely or not?
  20. Stuie

    Nemesis: General Discussion

    Less the value of the scrap steel. Some of which will be purchased at inflated prices by people here